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Breeching was the occasion when a small boy was first dressed in breeches or trousers Pequeño-estrenando-su-primera-ropa-masculi

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Imagine being a parent in an era when zippers and snaps were yet to be invented and the pants that were available were too complicated and had too many accessories, which made it almost impossible for a small boy to put them on all by himself. What would you do? One alternative would be to dress your toddler boy by yourself, spending quite some time doing it. But Victorian-era parents had another method and frankly, it was much more effective.

It was around this time that boys would reach what was known as “the age of reason,” which meant that wearing a dress would no longer be necessary. For the family, this was cause for celebration because then the event, known as “Breeching,” was set in motion, signifying the boy’s step towards manhood.

The boy would get a haircut and, dressed in pants for the first time, would walk around the neighborhood, showing off his new clothes for everyone to see.
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Proud papa. Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️


Thanks, got it


So sorry to hear that Patty, I do understand, makes me sad.
I asked one before if you would like to give me your phone
number and you didn't respond. I am asking again, I sure don't
want to lose you. Hugs dear friend and cousin. Bib


i am leaving the internet


I think they will be able to. When people sign up as a member they
have to give their actual name and email address Have a good day,
it is cold and rainy here, probably will be for the rest of the week,
I worked outside yesterday for an hour, sun was shining, was bundled up, still cleaning up after the ice storm.


I was hoping they would be able to trace it! It made me so mad I was using worse 4 letter words. DUH!


Thanks Bjresh, for reporting this. I just saw it and I have reported
it to Maya, at jigidi in an email. She will know exactly who this person is.

I wrote:

Maya, Would you please discipline this ignoramous member who
1 hour ago posted " Dollcollector is a cunt " Matter of fact, I think they should be kicked of of Jigidi. Thank you.

"Cunt is a term used mainly in the UK by both men and women as a term for stupid or idiotic,"


Ditto, Bib, makes me cringe too ;-(((


Bjresh, when you hear the word 'breech' what is the first thing
you think of? I think of a baby being born, not head first, not
feet first, but in a very painful way for the mother, thank
goodness, it isn't a common way of giving birth, makes me
cringe to think of it. Bib


Bet this dad, is so proud that his son is dressed like a boy,
now everyone will be able to tell he has a little manly man.
And vice versa for the little boy, they both probably left the
studio grinning ear to ear at each other, especially after they
saw the actual portrait. Did you read the story I told about
the guy I was engaged to, and his mother had a portrait of
the prettiest little three year old girl dressed in a long white
dress, her hair was long with golden locks, and when I ask
him who that was, he nonchalantly said it was him, he was
born in 1938 and I had never seen anything like that before.
His mother wasn't home, we had just stopped by so he could
change, there might have been an interesting story behind
the portrait but it will forever be a mystery to me, I thought
maybe she wanted a girl, and dressed him that way.


Just think, the owner of this would haveapnoto of his likely 3rd great grandf< or T least second. Cute puzzle!!!

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