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Pax on Earth

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30 solves
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Let there be peace on earth.
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  1. spencersmom4:19
  2. PaxLab4:45
  3. Ginni27:09
  4. JUNKMAN7:31
  5. Ianto7:31
  6. Retiredrn11:05
  7. Horton00713:48
  8. Plumpossum14:21
  9. mickey6414:31
  10. MRSTANFORD707417:32


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Thanks, PaxLab. There a plenty of places to post political opinions, but jigidi, by the site owners' own wishes, is not one of them.


@Ginni2 Nicely expressed. I notice the puzzle this conversation is occurring under. It remains my wish for Peace on Earth (and in the little piece of earth that is jigidi)! Peace to you and @seagirl7.


PaxLab, I personally dislike heated debates. I do welcome folks giving their opinions on a topic in a respectful manner. You have followed my puzzle photos for awhile. You have probably figured out that I wander through my part of the world and document the things of interest that I find. Most of the time I show the prettier side of I what I find but once in awhile I might post something other than that. Some folks welcome the "other than that stuff" but I am guessing the majority don't. I personally like variety in my life and I want to see the whole cross section of things. I have made an effort to expose the Jigidi folks to new places and have taken the time to write details in an effort to educate those folks about things they are unaware of. Few who post puzzles on here are willing to spend the time and effort to do that. If it was up to me I would be posting more photos that were "artsy" in nature or photo journalistic in content. Instead I have placed more emphasis on what the majority want. I do not understand why it is that the puzzles that get the most solves is those of barns, lighthouses, cabins, etc. Consequently, I have posted a disproportion number of those types of photos. I have held back from posting many of the photos of interest to me so I can try to give the masses what they want. One of the things I do enjoy is photographing folks doing interesting things when they are not posing. I recently got lectured by two people on here for doing that. I am learning I can't speak about anything of substance like politics, religion, etc. I feel pressure to post puzzles that appeal to the solvers. I feel like I am being "pigeonedholed" in what I can post and what I can say. I do see other puzzle posters on here that post nothing much besides photos of their grand children or their pets. Those kind of photos don't have any interest to me yet they continue to do that. I try to edit and write a description of three or fours puzzles everyday so I do not disappoint those who look forward to them. The time it takes to do that is often hard to fit into the things I have to do each day. I have been struggling trying to decide whether to continue contributing to this site. When I get criticism or boycotted for what I share, I start to think, "Is this really worth the effort." Out of respect for you and others like you, I deleted the puzzle with the signs. Honestly, it felt like I lost a little piece of me and a piece of my freedom of speech. I do appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts and concerns with me. I have no hard feelings toward you personally. You are welcome to return to my puzzles whenever you feel up to it but I can not promise I will never again make a comment about a serious topic. Sincerely, Terry


How about some respect for jigidi's guidelines? The guidelines plainly say, "Do not post political content... In the current climate around politics, many of us hold very strong opinions. And more often than not, it seems, we find it too strenuous to be respectful - because we're so filled with conviction and frustrated about the fact that others don't see what we see. These exchanges from the trenches make no-one wiser and definitely does not make for enjoyable content."


Spencersmom - I look forward to the challenge after dinner! Regardless of solving time, it will be a pleasure to enjoy Katie.


PaxLab, if you want to try to beat me on one of my puzzles, I just put a larger one (162 pieces) of my Katie on last night. You usually beat me handily on the larger ones!


Fun to provide even a small contribution. @spencersmom - I consider most puzzles "one and done" but couldn't resist trying to beat your time on my own puzzle, particularly since I spent countless hours last year on the computer staring at the images and trying to learn the secrets of GIMP. I can see this image in my sleep. But even on my second attempt, you have me beat by a long shot! Well done, fellow dog lover!


This is great, PaxLab! I'm just checking email (and puzzles) before going to work, but I will solve it when I get home. Thanks for posting it.


Lovely puzzle and great looking dog, PaxLab. Thanks for sharing them with us. :o))


Love it! Merry Christmas to you! Tina

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