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Just bottled maple syrup

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Picture taken last month at a local syrup "sugar shack"
Hardly a shack. I know very little about the process, but they seemed to have all the latest and best equipment.
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  1. JM_Cookie2:29
  2. Diannepuzzle2:32
  3. allison113:04
  4. 10saws3:17
  5. Longbow13:22
  6. Sue_Zee4:12
  7. Bethean4:12
  8. wigma4:18
  9. Gladstone4:22
  10. 2jeans4:24


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We live in Wisconsin for 11 months, Florida for 1.


Sugar maples in Florida?


Catch you later. Glad you are alive. Me, too. Me also not so much Jigidi. But still some ! Stay well.


Good to hear. We are good here, just a little stir crazy. We live in a suburb type area, (used to be country when we moved in 40+ years ago), but can still go for a walk and not run into too many people.


Diannepuzzle here. Just checking in. Cheers! We are fine in our quarantine.


I haven't been on Jigidi much lately, for a variety of reasons. One day a few weeks ago I tried to look you up and maybe I didn't spell your name right, but couldn't find you. Glad to know you are still around.


Tag. You're it ! :-))


Yup. That would be fun M


Sorry I did not contact you when we were on SGI. After I got my laptop connected and all, I found I couldn't send e-mails. Some kind of error 412. Then one day I, without thinking, replied to my oldest daughter's e-mail and hit send before I remembered that shouldn't work. But it did. That was during the last few days we were there, and too late to make arrangements to meet with you. I only had your e-mail. Maybe next January?


Was in my puzzle mode. Just saying hello.


I left a message on one of your puzzles after Michael, but I guess you didn't see it. Was just wondering if you were OK. Glad to hear you are good. We will be on SGI starting January 6. Can't wait. Thanks for checking.


Hello. Saw your avatar on a puzzle so thought I’d check in. Are y’all heading this way for the annual migration. Hope all is well. I and my family are doing well. Happy puzzling.


Precious material- ready for some delicious meals.
Love syrup on pancakes and waffles.


I had no idea. This seemed to be a good year for collecting maple sap to make into syrup. Our son-in-law helps the people who own this place and that's why we were able to visit and watch the process.


You are so lucky to be able to get that amount of maple syrup. We pay an arm and a leg for 250 grams in Greece and we use drops of it - to last longer! Marina

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