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Absinthe #4 - Preparation - fourth in a series

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The traditional French preparation involves placing a sugar cube on top of a specially designed slotted spoon, and placing the spoon on a specially designed glass filled with a measure of absinthe. Iced water is poured or dripped over the sugar cube to mix the water into the absinthe. The final preparation contains 1 part absinthe and 3–5 parts water.

As water dilutes the spirit, those components with poor water solubility (mainly those from anise, fennel, and star anise) come out of solution and cloud the drink. The resulting milky opalescence is called the louche (pr. loosh, French for opaque or shady). The release of these dissolved essences coincides with a perfuming of herbal aromas and flavours that "blossom" or "bloom," and brings out subtleties that are otherwise muted within the neat spirit.
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hahaha, Kay! nice to hear from you, how are things? are you in the heat wave there? It got down to 1°C about 34 F last night, and finally this frigid air mass seems to be pushing on. All the grape growers and apple farmers are working hard to get the fruit in before a freeze (we did not have a freeze til after Xmas last year).


absinthe makes the heart grow fonder!


See Absinthe #1 published yesterday for all the answers...! now I'd better try this tough puzzle.


That was a tricky puzzle, or I’m just a thumb fingered dolt today. Other than an occasional G&T or Bloody Mary I’m more of a beer girl. However, this sounds intriguing. I think I’ll try it next time I’m in a good bar. Thanks Mazy. Have you tried it ? I know Talouse Latrec was a fan. Probably spelled that wrong. Lol

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