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Ti lidé dělají věci, to je k popukání. Those people do things, it's hilarious!

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Some cats are very vocal when it comes to purring and letting their families know they are hungry, happy or annoyed. The Scottish Fold, however, is not a vocal cat. This cat is actually very quiet. Even when it purrs, it’s not really noticeable unless you’re listening for it and the rest of the house is very quiet. There’s no real reason they’re not very loud, they just aren’t. It’s not that they can’t be, they just choose not to be as vocal as some other breed of cats.
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  1. thebetterhalf2:41
  2. limpduck3:00
  3. jbow3:09
  4. jbugs3:31
  5. Rackles3:33
  6. Mrgoodboy3:36
  7. hadzi3:43
  8. MoreJunk3:47
  9. Helis3:49
  10. birdwoman4:02


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That fish is NOT fresh - believe me!


Thanks to all of the players for their funny captions, I had a hard time choosing...Bernadette


Gratulujeme slunkoryba k získání vítězného titulku, děkuji, že jste hráli ... Bernadette
Congrats to slunkoryba for having the winning caption, thank you for playing.

Enjoy doing your cat puzzles. Please keep them coming.

Watch out! Biiiigg sneeze coming on!!!!!!

G R R R R R I'll get you for that! MEOW

Thank you for this adorable puzzle.

That joke just cracked me up!


Good one HaldriAnn!

A fierce tiger, am I!


Thank you Mrgoodboy and johnnydawheel for your captions. I will choose a winner this evening...Bernadette


Děkuji za vás titulek slunkoryba, je to velmi dobrý ... přeji hezký den ... Bernadette


I want my Maypo!!!

I want my treats, NOW !

Ti lidé dělají věci, to je k popukání

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