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The photo is a bit small

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My sister aged 20 me 14 leaning on her car 1959.
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  3. JillianB0:35
  4. Sissel0:36
  5. Ianto0:39
  6. pasta0:39
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You naughty scamp -- with an impish grin ☺☺ lovely photo and thx for sharing your memories ♥


You are correct PWH my sons now that we are both older tell us we look like twins. LOL!!!


It is easy to see that you two are closely related, Clive.


Thank you all and the photo brings back many happy memories.





Peas in a pod :))


Thank you so much Clive. A great photo :-)))))


Lovely family memories for you Clive thank you for sharing☺☺


I got here a bit late, but enjoyed the picture and comments, Clive. Thanks for the tag!


A really great image ☺♥


Great picture, Clive


You can see that you're brother and sister Clive - but you didn't tell us what a handsome devil you were (and still are !) 👀


That's a really nice photo, Clive! If she would have kept that car, it would be worth a lot more than she paid for it. And you took your dad's cars out driving. LOL
You were a rascal.

Everyone had a great life and no you can't take it with you.

That is fine.


Great photo Clive, I'm sure you treasure it. I like the metal man playing the guitar too.


A great photo of you both. How lovely that your sister and wife are such good friends. Thanks for sharing


Yes I remember Pamela such a lovely name.


Yes you are correct Dawn my name spelt backwards says Evile C but the horns have not appeared.MY Kays would not like them but understands I am not a nasty person.


I'm a Pamela, too, Clive.


Hi Ardy, yes Lori was a great friend of mine for many years her computer skils where way ahead of mine. I am pleased you enjoyed my memories long time ago now but still nice to remember.


You look very devilish there. I even think I see some little horns peeking out.
Great pic , full of lots of good memories.


Nice photo of the two of you. Some good memories and some not so good. Thanks for sharing your family, Clive. You mentioned Lori Farrell. We were just getting acquainted when she got sick. I have missed her and often thought about her.


Thanks Pam and she is also a Pam or Pamela Like you. Not many of you named that any more so sad a lovely name.


Thanks, Clive - it's a real treat to see this photo of you and your sister. :-))


Thank you Libi. She is still bigger than me. LOL!!!


Great photo, Clive. :-)


Thanks Parson and if you remember Lori Farrell she was the one that put cj45 on the side of the train for me I know she moved to Maine after her operation to remove part of her lung a great friend of mine but then we lost contact sadly.

Good and it happens.
And sad that he is gone.


Hi Ianto yes her husband came back with her he was the brother I never had I really liked the guy sadly they divorced after 25 years of marriage probably due to not being able to travel the world again. I do not know and have never asked. He died many years ago. My sister has lived alone for many years now and we used to visit her before this pandemic and lives in a great big house which she used to share with her son but he is now married to a lovely girl and lives else where.


Great picture, Clive. :)


Clive, judging from your avatar, I would say that you were well-trained growing up.


Thank you Bill_I_Am.


John the only thing I used to do was to drive my Fathers Hillman minx cars as he parked Them about half a mile away in a big garage with lots of land which was owned by a dairy I used to wash it for him since I was 11 years old he gave me the keys I enjoyed driving it and all his cars but had to put them back in the same place as he left them I used chalk to make sure I left them where he parked them LOL!!!

Good that she was able to take you every were, bad that she was gone for so long.
Did the husband come back with her?

The car was two years older than I am.


Thanks jeri.


Juba she was so much fun and she was a great atherlet and used to play ice hockey and used me as a blocking partner not nice she was bigger than me.


LOL Ken.


Thanks Izzy.




Ianto, yes she always drove me in her car every ware, it was a Ford popular 1959 vintage and she bought it brand new she had a great job but then got married and her and her husband worked all over the world. I did not see her again till I got married in 1967 when she came back especially for my wedding then disapeared again.
She came back to the UK when she was pregnant and stayed ever since.
My wife and my sister have always been good friends they ring each other every day. LOL!!!


You're a good-looking kid, Clive!


ok ... you're a teenager ... and you're smiling. just what were you up to back then young man 😂 lolol


Great picture, Clive.👍


You were such a kid. :-)


Great nostalgic picture


Thank you Cyndi.


I would recognise that cheeky face anywhere. ☺



Did she drive you anywhere?


What a great photo of you and your sister.






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