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Fund raising!

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Elsa and friend, outside Kingsholm rugby stadium in Gloucester. wearing old rugby shirts donated by Gloucester fans, which were adapted for the dogs to wear. There was a home game this afternoon and several human and canine greyhound rescue volunteers took part in a fund raising street collection for the greyhound and lurcher rescue charity Forever Hounds Trust. We were outside the stadium as the fans arrived. The dogs appearance raised a lot of smiles, and helped encourage the rugby fans to pop some money in our collecting pots! I haven't heard yet how much we collected - but the home team unfortunately lost....
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I don't think Elsa thought much of her shirt but we did pretty well Pat thanks. ☺


Hopefully you got a bunch .. Love the dogs ..


A profitable one too Cathy! Thanks.


What a great idea !


LOL Jan! A couple of fans suggested their team could do with the speed of these two to help out! Can you imagine the chaos! ☺☺☺


Go, Elsa! Rah, rah! ♥



That it does.


It sounds even better in US dollars Ianto! Thanks. ☺

$354US that still works.


We collected over £270, so we're well chuffed, and the hounds can take most of the credit thanks to their excellent greyhound ambassadorial work! ☺



Thanks again Ianto! Lorna ☺

Thanks Tea. Elsa is still tired this morning after the exertion of being given so much attention! ☺

Thanks Mimie. It was the first time I had taken Elsa to the rugby club, but the charity has done very well there in the past. I think the dogs in the rugby shirts is the draw! ☺

Thank you Val. Certainly the happily homed hounds are the real winners. ☺


Wonderful idea, loved Ianto's remark too, hope they raised heaps ☺♥

I used to do "Meet and Greets" with my greys to encourage adoptions. We also collected money for our group. I'm glad your hounds had a good time and made some money for your group. :)


A wonderful fund raising event !!
Tell Elsa I daid she looks stunning in her cute outfit🐾
Thank you for sharing your photo :)

You are welcome goingsilver. I love the idea.


Thank you Suzy! Elsa and the other hounds (there were 2 more at another entrance to the stadium) are all great greyhound ambassadors and loved the attention, but they do find it pretty exhausting. She has been very quiet all evening, and slept most of it!


Thanks Jill. It was good fun - the supporters were in fine form before the match and we had some good banter! They were pretty generous too, with many folk putting notes in our collecting tins. ☺

Thanks Patti. I used to volunteer at a lot of collections, as well as visiting people who were considering adopting a hound. The pandemic put paid to all of that, so it is nice to getting back to it again. Another volunteer had the idea about the shirts, posted a request for unwanted old rugby shirts (local team only!) on social media, then adapted them for the dogs to wear. The dogs are good sports wearing them. ☺

There used to be a local one years ago and there are still greyhound race tracks over here redina, but a number have closed in recent years and there is an ongoing campaign to close more and ban racing altogether. One of the five I have rescued had been terribly ill treated, but the others were responsibly cared for and rehomed.


Esla. You are so thoughtful to raise money for other dogs! And how nice you and your friend look in your rugby shirts!! Did you like wearing them? The fans must have loved meeting the two of you, and I'm sure that all of that attention, however flattering, was a bit overwhelming for you both. Your mum must be so proud of you, volunteering to help others. Sending a hug to you! Well done!!


Do they have greyhound racing there? They ended it here Dec 31, 2021, and had to find foster homes for a lot of dogs. A lady I know tries to find homes for them, and had 4 of her own. So sad for the breed.


What a great idea! Good for you and Elsa and the others, for participating! Thanks for sharing. They look so cute in the shirts. :)


Great idea, good on you all. I like Ianto’s comment too. Thanks Lorna


I love your comment Ianto, thank you! ☺

Sad for the home team, but the dogs won.

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