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Nouar, also know as Noir Nouar is a Los Angeles artist who makes paintings and sculptures inspired by food. Her theme is savory and sweet food, colorful and full of sugar. Her work looks edible and one would be tempted to taste that sweetness. However, what Nouar makes maybe looks sweet, but the subject of her work is a little bitter. Living in consumer-oriented society, we tend to buy things just because they look good. This artist sees through the big advertising game and she intentionally highlights the fact that behind all the lovely and tasty treats, hides the dark side of sales, mass production, and unhealthy lifestyle. Adds are made to please the majority of the population. They are colorful, sweet, warm and cartoonish. When we feel comfortable, we spend more money.

Nouar graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2004 and soon after college she started working as a background painter in the animation studios of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. While working as a freelance designer and illustrator, she started pursuing her own artistic career and developed quite a unique style. What she does is a mix of cartoonish, sweet, cute, with a dash of vintage, and surprisingly gothic elements. The dark side of her work brings out the deeper disposition. The elements of satire strike at genetically modified food, cultural stereotypes of American cuisine, and ambiguous nature of mid-century advertising style, where almost every pin-up poster had two meanings.
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He even wants MORE!

@suemarie Hold on jus a minute SUSTA. Who you callin' creepy. ME or that orange cannibal?


Creepy......and I mean that in the nicest way possible....

WOW! Thank you Professor. Please keep them coming. Now on the down side............I only recently discovered that I have a real revulsion for cannibalism. I realize this piece of 'art' is a fanciful statement on.......whatever but when I saw that commercial where one potato caught another potato eating a potato chip or or or when that bowl of cinnamon flavored cereal is swirling towards the middle of a bowl where there is one cinnamon square eating them as they approach. I realize these are just funny little attention getters for young folks. But are we really confident that we are not sending subliminal messages to kids during their formative years that if little Sally looks good enough to eat go ahead Johnny try it?

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