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My patio

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This is my patio and the woods are behind
my house. This is where I am going to put
my bird pole, right this side on the patio,
I know the birds will be happy, but I
won't, as that is outside my bedroom windows.
Have to get out there in the snow, should be


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There is an old note and a new one by Artus picture, but I just realized you can't open
your pictures. Write to them as I did, and I was back on last night. After I wrote to
you I realized you can't get on. It will be there when you can. I had to scroll through
the pictures to get to this one yesterday, otherwise I couldn't access anything. Hope
all works out well for you, but do write to them, I think that helped. Smooches
for Artus, and many hugs to you.


Hi Pat
I still don't have access to my puzzles page either but can still read comments written by my "followed users".
So they made you remove your birdpole ? Did they explain why ? Such a shame if you have to walk in the snow to reach the feeders.I think they shouldn't have put aside such a valuable reason to leave it where it was.
I'll definitely keep in touch with you although I'm a bit put off by the changes I have to make on how to handle jigidi.
Have a nice day .Talk to you soon.
Many hugs and smooches to Bishka from her boyfriend who's still limping ..


Ardy, I would have to put the pole near the house and still wouldn't be able to reach them
from the windows. Have to put it further out from the bushes and trees also, so the
squirrels can't get on them. It will be okay, just have to see how it works out in the snow.

Andie, there still is a note to you under Artus. Didn't think you were around, as I looked
there again today. Haven't tried to create puzzles, but I just can't access my puzzles, so
I looked it up this way. I wrote to Jigidi and am waiting for a response. Glad you
are home and hope you had a good time. Glad you like my patio, it is very private
and yes, I cook out there most of the time. Nothing in the house during the summer.
Will look on Artus tomorrow, as this afternoon I have to take Danny around.
Smooches from Bishka & many hugs to you.

Evelyn, my bushes do need trimming, but it is a great place to sit out and relax.
Sure hope we don't have a crazy winter, last winter was mild, hope it stays like that.


I can't access "my puzzles "page either via Firefox or Chrome. I can answer your posts and "create" puzzles,but I can't check what I have posted..


Dear Pat
I posted a comment on Bishka's photo yesterday.
From what I am reading above they made you remove the birdpole .Crazy ! I love your patio,very nice and the trees behind are beautiful.
Drop me a line whenever you can and let me know all your news ,will you ?
Many hugs to you ,cuddles and smooches to Bishka.♥☺♥☺♥


It's a beautiful setting, Pat. Anyway you can put the feeder so you could reach to fill it from the window? Is that a barbecue I see? Lovely place to relax in nice weather. Thank for sharing.