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November 26 (small)

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  1. Camelot1:30
  2. troutmma1:36
  3. swimbee2:00
  4. baggins092:03
  5. minsann2:04
  6. Mimie2:17
  7. gringa492:24
  8. janit2:29
  9. serenity2:29
  10. connietennis2:44


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Very interesting puzzle indeed!


A fun puzzle


Thank you for this wonderful series, Jan! It was just right for a lazy, rainy, stay-at-home day!


Such pretty colours! Each of them could stand alone in its own right; what a treat for the eyes to have them all together. The bottom left corner is extraordinarily lovely. Thank you, Jan 😊


Beautiful, Jan. Love your center star. So good to hear from you. Love and ((HUGS))

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