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Cosmos or Cosmea Collage # 3 (a bit of a challenge to solve, sorry☺)

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These are just a couple of the white with pink flowers...I think they are all beautiful in their own way.....enjoy the sometimes slightest differences! ☺
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  1. liertje19781:57
  2. babray2:49
  3. Jonna863:00
  4. rndixon3:05
  5. nanlein3:10
  6. Trish23:22
  7. PeggyRhodes3:38
  8. Grumps3:45
  9. arlene19263:48
  10. tisketsmum3:50


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@EllaMB - hi Ella, as promised I checked the back side of one of the white with pink Cosmos flowers and took a photo to make it easier for me to explain! ☺☺


I think you're right, Ella. Pink probably was on offer that night! :-))
Good question, I'll check tomorrow what the colour of the back of the petals is. I believe paler pink, but I'm not sure, never really checked. I'll let you know :-))

Thank you, Faye, also a good choice...I think it's really hard to choose...:-))


Lovely...I like the light and shadow, and the curled petal of the second one from the top on the left-hand side. :)))


Uhh, I think the "flower fairy" came through, during the nigh, with her paintbrush and spread white on many of the pink blossoms just so we could oooo and awww at the gorgeous work she did! Oh, BTW, are the backs of the petals pink or does the white go all the way through?


Thank you, Anne, tisketsmum, Nan and Nillie. I'm glad you enjoy my collage....and have a favourite, I wouldn't know which one to choose!:-))


Lovely collage... bottom left is my favorite :-)) Thanks Impie♥♥


i'd be happy to have any of them!


I think the top left is my favourite :-))



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