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Five ways you can help Sloths

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The Tico Times regularly has features in their Slothy Sunday column.

"It is no question that sloths have somewhat taken over the internet with their cute button noses and sweet faces.

Many times, when you’re scrolling through social media, you’ll see a video named “Giving a Baby Sloth a Bath” or “Snuggling a Sloth.” This growing trend on social media has brought more awareness toward sloths as the staple cute and lazy animal. While these videos may seem harmless, the unfortunate truth is that these two- and three-fingered sloths may not be in the best care, and without knowing the exact circumstances, they could be living in a very stressful environment."

1. Be a smart eco-tourist

More information is online than ever before, and people are starting to notice the economic benefits of wildlife tourism, even if that means sacrificing the animals' well-being. When you travel, take it upon yourself to research places and activities before you partake in them. Never participate in "street shows," which usually involve animals in small cages or on leashes, and require money if you want to take a picture. If the animal is being restrained or abused for your enjoyment, that attraction is a no-go. Also, keep in mind labels like "sanctuary" and "rescue center" are not always a telltale sign of legitimacy, be sure to research their social media and website, travelers’ reviews, and their core ethos to ensure your hard-earned dollar is going to healthy, sustainable, and lawful organizations for sloths or other animals.

2. Educate others

Clue people in on the threats that sloths face and how to avoid contributing to them! Children are especially receptive to learning about animals, and educating them on conservation is a great way to inspire them to take action. Many people are simply unaware of their negative impact on wildlife, especially tourists. By taking the time to educate others about this situation, they often take the correct steps to reduce that impact.

3. Plant a tree (or a few!)

If you live within a sloth's natural range, you are lucky to have the power of planting! As healthy rainforests shrink due to deforestation, sloth populations shrink as well. You can re-invite them into their natural range by planting certain trees that provide nourishment. Examples of trees you could plant are Cecropia, Mountain/Beach Almond, Hibiscus, Zygia, Poro, Mango, and Cacao!

4. Volunteer

Donate your time by volunteering at rescue centers that focus on the rehabilitation and release of wildlife. What could be more impactful than helping sloths and actually contributing to their rescue, rehabilitation, and release? Nothing! Organizations like the Toucan Rescue Ranch are always in need of volunteers to ensure the health and safety of our animals. Volunteers do not need any medical background — just open ears and a passion for wildlife! Learn more:

5. Donate or symbolically adopt a sloth at TRR

If volunteering is not possible for you, meaningful donations to our Saving Sloths Together Fund would be very appreciated. Saving Sloths Together is a partner project TRR has with The Sloth Institute that focuses specifically on sloth care. Since TRR receives many orphaned sloths, this project helps contribute to the specific resources needed to raise them from a couple of months to their actual release. Additionally, you can symbolically adopt the sloths at TRR.

If you’re interested in learning more about SST read here:

If you’re interested in our symbolic adoption program visit:
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:::gratefully petting some of my fur collection:::


Not for you, dear sloth.


I collect fur, is that wrong?


I agree. Humans have a strange compulsion to pet fur. There are certainly enough cats and dogs with which we can share company.


I have adopted a sloth at The Sloth Conservation Foundation, an extraordinary foundation that really helps them.


Wild animals are ALWAYS severely stressed when handled by humans. The best rules to follow are to keep your hands off of them. Period.


Ever hear of shoeless sloth Stan?

A true trend breaker in slothian sports.


If you're a sloth who wears shoes, you might like 'em over easy.


Random Thought:

A Psychiatrist was trying to comfort a new patient who was terribly upset. “You see, doc,” the patient explained, “My problem is that I like shoes much better than boots .”
“Why That’s no problem,” answered the doctor. Most people like shoes better than boots.”
The patient was thrilled. “That's neat, Doc. How do you like them, fried or scrambled?”


While there may have been SOME kidnapping, many sloths have dedicated themselves to being Therapy Companions. Most sloths are selfless, and are proud to volunteer their time and energy to helping others. I, am far too humble to go back down that road. By the way, planting a tree, is silly. If you live in a climate that sloths do not live in, unless they are as humble as me (not possible), and have the resources that I do, they cannot live there. I am fortunate to be able to climate control my compound.


Thanks for the important information about the misuse of animals, Fiona.


Hoff is the leader of the humblest sloths.


I know, right? :-)


Nice posting Mischka, thank you for sharing.
Hahaha Rob! : )


I never knew that people were kidnapping these little guys for pets!!!! That's ridiculous!!


[smacks forehead] Well, perhaps @msbonne will do it for me.


Not in the same vein, we could add 6. Admire their humility.

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