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Tyrone and Gladys

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A bit of memory, Arte Johnson and Ruth Buzzi. Or maybe Ruth Buzzi and Arte Johnson. It's hard to tell.
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  1. gaiagirl0:52
  2. Ianto1:16
  3. maryoz20141:20
  4. LEGOpoppa421:22
  5. racoonstar1:24
  6. kycol1:25
  7. Bubble1:28
  8. freetime1:31
  9. Burningdirt1:34
  10. Poppy131:34


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We all loved this show and especially this unlikely duo - thanks OMM (✬‿✬)


Today that show couldn't even be produced much less shown on public TV, luckily enough i am old enough to remember the originals. Fell in Love with Goldie before my teen years. eddie


@racoonstar: Arte Johnson died July 3, 2019, Los Angeles, CA. Ruth Buzzi is still alive.


They were so good on such a funny show!


"Want to buy a dirty book ?" WHUMP ! "Want to buy a softer handbag ?" HA ! I have been watching LAUGH-IN on Amazon Prime with my twelve year old daughter who is now a Tiny Tim fan... help ! I think my aunt still has his album. Funny funny stuff even if they tell chicken jokes.


Thank you for this "Blast From the Past", @OldManMontgomery! I shared it with my daughter who had never seen Laugh In before, & she loved it! TYFS!


Chief, you forgot the line after.

"Whump! Whump! Whump! Whump! Whump! Whump!"


"Ahh, Ms Ormsby, do you believe in the Hereafter? Do you know what I'm here after?"


I think is time for Laugh In reruns. I miss that show.


Ah, Tyrone S. Hornai the mumble king and the divine MISS Ormsby! Loved these two characters. Anybody want a Walnetto?


I played that part on you tube. I had forgotten how funny that show was. Thanks. . . Naoma


Yes, it did! :D


Ruth Buzzi on the left as Gladys, and Arte Johnson on the right as Tyrone.

From Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In show.
Here's one of their skits from the show:

What's surprising to me is that Wikipedia says they're both still alive and in their 80s.
The show ran from 1968 to 1973.

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