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Satin Bowerbird and his Bower

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At Hartley's Crocodile Farm, Cairns.

The male builds a stick & twig Bower on the ground and decorates it with blue bits and pieces of seeds, plastic & paper etc to attract the female during the mating season.
He was in a large walk-through aviary and sharing some fruit with a Fig Bird.
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Yes - he has purple eyes Allie - and they looked wonderful:))) Thanks :)))


Beautiful bird - wonderful! Has he got purple eyes or is it just the photo?


Thanks Florrie, smllpkg, Pat and Suzy - I'll pass the compliments along to Chris:))))


What an attractive bird! Chris did a super job of catching him in both locations. Thanks, Rob!


Beautiful !!!!


What a beautiful bird!


Ah! Lucky you too Janet:)))) Thanks :))))


Yes like Shirley, I have seen them at the Bunya Mountains too. They are so beautiful. Also when we lived at Springbrook for a while. Fabulous photos again my friend. Hugs Rob. ♥


Ah! Lucky you Shirley:)))) Thanks :))))


They are amazing how they collect only blue items, I've seen them at the Bunya Mountains, some time ago, Thanks, Rob.


It was a first for me too Sally - and the bower was a real bonus:)))) I loved his blue/purple eyes - they were just beautiful:))) Thanks :)))

Thanks Nev - I wouldn't know about blue Macca's straws - I don't go there!!!!

They're native to Australia and New Guinea - to the north of us, Patti. Thanks :))))

Thanks Barb - it was my first real-life sighting too, and I was rapt:))) Thanks :)))


Great photos, thanks to Chris, and thank you Rob for posting the collage. I too only saw these birds on nature programs, they are amazing! Great collage, Rob :)


This bird is new to me. Satin seems a perfect description. :) Thanks for the great photos!


I saw a Bower Bird once, and his bower/nest, in the Blue Mountains of NSW. And I was amazed at the number of blue items he'd collected, particularly blue plastic straws. Must have taken a lot of flight hours to McDonalds to collect them! :-)))
Great photos, Chris, and thanks for the post, Rob. ♥♥♥


Wow!!! This a great shot of the bird with and without his bower.... I've only seen these guys on TV's nature documentaries... It's amazing the way they build their bower.... Thanks, Rob.... 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。

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