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108 pieces
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Burrard Inlet Vancouver BC
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  1. sofiav5:40
  2. Syke7:01
  3. chris497:29
  4. cvidean9:36
  5. loridon11:01
  6. rbrown838711:50
  7. Murfy12:30
  8. dooodles14:05
  9. madmad5714:13
  10. Paw14:53


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@bdmc - Hey, friend. Pls check your notifications 'comments' from Aug. 25 as I sent a private post about a new group called the Horde. We will be disbanding the Hive as it is too large & only a few members participate. Pls respond to the post with a 'yes' or 'no' so I can finalize the new membership. Thanks, Birgit


@bdmc - Ok, Brian, what's up? I feel like my emails are being ignored...just want to know how you're doing...miss our chats...noticed that you were on Jigidi today so please just say hi or whatever...East Coast calling West Coast...others in the bee hive are concerned about you, too. Birgit


Perfection.....Have a nice day...and of course thank you....bdmc...


@bdmc - I chose this puzzle to contact you again as my notifications have already disappeared...just to let you know that I also post under Puslespil3...which is Danish for puzzle and 3 for my kids. So you'll have lots to choose from, Brian, as I don't duplicate my posts. Lol Birgit

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