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How not to tow a caravan

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Spotted this on the Cobram road today :(
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Yes, it was quite humble. I DID have some backups just in case (75).


Just the one camel, Hoff?

How very humble...

Now that I would love to see.



My caravan was a camel.


We had a Broughm home for a while. It was very comfy and never left home without us. Very loyal those caravans. (But they do lurk.)

Exactly what keeps me awake at night! Caravans may appear to lurk, but that bespeaks our innate distrust. What we interpret as lurking is just faithful caravans awaiting our beck and call. (What the heck is a beck? Oh. here it is, in the dictionary, between Bechuanaland and beclomethasone.)


::::::looking out window for lurking caravans::::::

Really people. Should we be talking this way within earshot of other caravans? We need to be more sensitive to them. They are not mere beasts of burden.


It might have been spared from a slower more painful death.


You may THINK you know rabbits, but I am telling you, there is a new breed.
Murder Rabbits. They have entered the US through an underground tunnel from Africa. Soon, it is expected they will be global.


It's a perfect camping spot, very affordable but a bitch to get out of.


I know a lot about wild rabbits... so I am going with the hamsters. Or, possibly, a caravan suicide.


Some caravans do try to escape from their owners if they are constantly taken to boring places. Alas, this one seemed to have met its fate in the wild. Could have been a pack of wild hamsters attacked it, or perhaps even a rabbit. Poor caravan.


I was wondering about the tug. Either it’s under that mess, or it was removed from the scene. No police stickers or tape so must be a recent accident.


BTW, from the angle of the photo, I am worried you took this shot from an overturned car.


I am impressed that Oz provides an escape road for unhinged caravans... obviously well worthwhile...

That's not good.

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