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I got this treasure at a Kids Boutique on Saturday. It was made by my niece and my great niece. I saw it on Facebook and had to drive to the Boutique so I could buy it and hang it on my front door. What a great idea to have kids make crafts and then to sell the items for Christmas money. . . Naoma
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Thank you Niccolino for all the New Year wishes. I also wish all of the to you and yours. . . Naoma


How wonderful! A Very Happy New Year to you. Peace, Contentment, Joy, Health & Happiness are Wished for You & Yours.


Thank you Bekkabee, I really am enjoying it and so does everyone who visits me. I gets lots of comments, which reminds me. I need to let my young niece know how much I enjoy it. . . Naoma


That's wonderful that you were able to buy something at the boutique that was made by your nieces! It very pretty; I'm sure you'll enjoy it :-)


Thank You. . . Naoma

What a great Auntie you are, and with very talented nieces! Your one of a kind greeting will be a treasure thru the years. TUFS

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