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Amphibious Car on the lake last evening.

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I cruised passed these folks last evening on the lake. They asked directions to the Interstate!
I had to laugh! LAKE LIFE!
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Thank you Morris, lots of good information there.

Mass produced for public sale in 1961, German made designed by Hanns Trippel, production at Lubeck and Berlin-Borsigwalde. "Amphibious" and "Car", hence the name of "Amphicar".


Over 40 years that I know of. You may find this interesting.


Hi Morris. I saw my first one a few years ago, up here at the lake. I can't remember when they first came out. Do you?


How cool is that? I have not seen one of these in years!!


Faye, I asked another one today a red one, I pulled up alongside on my jet ski. She said 8 knots in the water. I'd have to ask PG, but I'm guessing around 10 miles per hour.

Mimi, I wish I could take all of you with me. I'm so grateful for my Jigidi friends.

Lyndee, for sure! There were more of them in the parking lot, not in the water yet!

Suzy, I will. I'm going for that hot dog tomorrow and I'm getting the works put on it! I like to look at the crafts, and I want to check out the car show. I will take my camera along! Thanks for the idea, I hadn't thought about that!


LOL! Never have I seen anything like this!!! What a riot!!
Have a great time at the festivities, enjoy that hot dog, and take lots of pictures. :)


That's a head turner Healer. :)


I wish I could come with you Healer. It sounds like lots of fun! I've never seen an Amphicar before. :)


Faye, I have no idea. There is a lot going on this weekend at the lake. A parade, the Amphicars, several live bands, lots of food venders, fair rides and pony rides for the kids, collector car show, fishing derby for the kids, fire works, helicopter rides, crafts, beauty pagent, a walk for wellness, a farmers market, and of course....a garden tractor pull - one for the big kids and one for the small kids. I will try to go at least once this weekend, just to walk around and buy a hot dog. :o)


What a hoot! Wonder how fast they can go. :)))


Hi Sue, I agree, they are neat!

Chickie, as long as life vests are on board, they are good to go. It's weird to watch them pull onto dry ground right out of the lake.

Smllphk, they are a novelty to watch.




That is fun, but........ it looks like it could sink any minute. Where are the life vests? : )


I love these cars, such fun.

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