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Jimmy - did you miss me?

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  2. stephanie995:18
  3. donlise5:32
  4. anan5:37
  5. DeDonder5:40
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Jimmy, I see your mum went online to Jigidi today. We've really missed her and have been hoping she isn't unwell. Please pass on our love to her, and you; Tisket & tisketsmum xx


Hi Jimmy, how are you?
Please give my best regards to your Mum, I hope she is feeling better and that thecheck-up at hospital today will help her to get well soon♥


Well Jimmy, we most certainly did, mum has been checking every day to see if you were there. Sorry you're mum's not been too good and I hope the hospital can help with her eyes.
So good to have you and your mum back.
Love Tisket & tisketsmum xx


Yes - we have really missed you Jimmy & Maegi - Mrs. Quinn, Little Bit & Reese's


Good to see you Jimmy. Here's hoping Mum has a good check up with the eye doctor. I recently had cataract surgery and now see perfectly again.


It's good to see you out and about, Jimmy...people were worried... ❤️


Hey Jimmy Bro.....I've missed you indeed! Did you feel your ears burning as we discussed your absence just the other day???☺☺
I'm so sorry you missed my 16th Birthday last Sunday (28 May) I would've love seeing you at my party too. I'm sorry to hear that your mum's eyes give her problems, we'll keep our fingers crossed it can be fixed and that she will visit Jigidi regularly again.... hugs, from Goofie Bro...☺♥☺

Welcome back, Jimmy & maegi! We have missed you guys!


Hi Jimmy, good to see you!


Certainly did, Jimmy! Love to your Mum - hope you're not missing Gismo and Miss Elly too much.


Hi all, thank you so much for your friendly comments and the good wishes to Mum. She's feeling better in summertime then in cold days, but she has some problems with her eyes now. On June 23th she will go for a check up in the Hospital - we hope they can do something for her.
Best regards, Jimmy


We've missed you and all your furry friends, and especially your mom!

Welcome back!


YES dear Jimmy... I miss you very much and look for you often, perhaps you will show up♥♥♥
Please give my very best regards to your Mum, she is being missed as much as you...


Of course we all missed you Jimmy and its lovely to see you again. I hope your mum is feeling better these days :-)


Did I miss you? Absolutely and it is so lovely to see you again, Jimmy. maegi, I hope that you are OK healthwise and I send all my very best wishes to you. ♥♥♥

Yes, Jimmy, I have missed you. Very glad to see you again.

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