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memorial day love

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Beautiful tribute to your fellow country men dear liz ♥♥


Agreed Regieg, there is not enough thought about our armed services.

We should not only do this on Memorial Day but EVERY day. They deserve our honor!


Beautiful tribute to all of the men and women who lost their lives for our freedom. This was gorgeous Liz. Thank you!!!

We Canadians bow our heads for your brave men and women also. I wish Canada would remember our heroes as you in America do.


My town built a Veteran's Memorial for the local servicemen and women to have a special place to be remembered. My Daddy's name and 3 of his brothers and my stepfather's names have all been engraved on the walls there. The local veteran's associations are very active here and continue to add to the park. There was a big gathering there this weekend, honoring the military.


Our neighboring town (where I used to live) built a beautiful Veterans' Memorial Cemetery about 10 years back. Just walking through it really serves to drive home the sense of sacrifice offered up by these brave souls. It's a feeling that's hard to describe ... doesn't really require "thinking" -- it just fills the body with a sudden realization.

Thank you, Liz -- this is beautiful, and I am touched by all of the tributes offered up today! I'm also honored to know and be part of such a compassionate group of folks. Thank you all!


Beautiful Memorial Day post Liz! ⭐️


Hi Lin And I plan to add my comment in response to this coward every time it crawls out from under it's rock to post a comment of it's own. Donna


One of the most striking tributes I've seen this weekend, Liz. So very heartwarming to see the many on jigidi honoring our fallen. A time to also thank those now serving, as well as their families -who also serve. Coming from a basically military family -this is a time I hold near and dear to my heart.

You and I have been crossing paths for two days now, Donna - sooo happy to read your message each time...and now to finally learn your name. All the nonentity ("cl") has succeeded in with the sick cmts is to further sully her already vile rep. She has neither dampened our patriotic spirits nor stopped the multitude of lovely tributes to our military!


A special remembering. Today while puttering in my gardens I kept thinking how lucky I was to be free to live in my own nature loving way. Nothing but peace and kind neighbors all around me. Small town America at its best. ♥♥♥


I agree Donna!!


candilover. Your disrespect for Our Country and those that have served and died for us, is despicable.
I have reported you to jigidi.


I made this puzzle just to share a memory of my family and to get you to think. I remember going to graves on Memorial Day, we called it Decoration Day, we would visit all the graves of our family members and go as a family. It was done in a certain order and no one changed that. It was a great honor to be in the car with my grandmother, she was a beautiful loving person and I miss her. Family tradition is a way of keeping the family close and I miss the closeness we had as children.




A great tribute honey!!!


Thank you Liz, for reminding us all of what Memorial Day really is. God bless you!

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