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MacLaclan Tartan

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This Scottish Tartan is for Clan MacLachlan and all the various family spellings of that name. When I was young I wore a kilt of this tartan. Because I do not have a Scottish surname I borrowed this kilt and was allowed to keep it. The kilt is long gone so I occasionally wear the tartan tie to remind myself of the beautiful predominantly red kilt of my youth.
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  1. LilySmith5:48
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  3. papahen6:07
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@Andrew2 My emotions are running rampant! My heart breaks for you to the accompaniment of the violins and pipes.,,or perhaps it's to a neglected organ being played full tutti...


Hi Jerry, thanks for pointing me in Ruby’s direction, and the handsome, rugged Scotsman swinging his kilt. When I wore my red tartan kilt I was just a boy with no beard and no sword, but my Mother thought I was handsome! Now I’m just an old man with no sword, no beard and no Mother. It’s quite sad really isn’t it! Hope you’re feeling sorry for me.


@Andrew2 It's January 4 and I MUST say that I think it was very ballsy of member Ruby1945 to take a sneak photo of you, misspell your country's name and post on Jigidi today! I'm just sayin'...


@Andrew2 This is certainly a "merrier" or "livelier" tartan than that worn in chorus!

By extension, I would be entitled to the Harper or Buchanan tartans as my maternal grandmother was a first-generation Scots American named Harper. Of options seen, if I was to wear a tartan, it would be one of the Buchannans as they seem of more color than the green Harper which I find a bit dull.

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