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Christmas time

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  1. ellyp2881:24:00
  2. Temple541:27:10
  3. TheresaF1:28:15
  4. gte429e1:36:01
  5. Vic122:03:33
  6. GingerFringer2:04:38
  7. JDA26612:08:07
  8. Hayley872:12:59
  9. CoPiAd2:13:09
  10. trilar2:14:36


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we keep going Sally :-)

Well done Lorraine haha.

I've started it! I'm working on 3 of them!! Love 'em!
I have finished this one. Lorraine

new one today 'Christmas elf inspection' from sandra

I keep looking at this and can't help but smile at the happy chaos!!!! Lorraine

Sally means that there are a lot of these kind of puzzles on Jigidi but I personally don't agree with that, they are occasionally and often in small format. Large puzzles in this genre are rare.

I do not know what Sally is referring to....I see cartoons but not "scenarios" like this! ??? Lorraine

there are loads of these comedy ones in jigidi

After 8.5 hours, I met everybody!! This cartoon is absolutely the best in all of its humorous detail! ...even the partridge in the pear tree hanging on the wall to the right near the top! ...the Lord's leaping, and my favorites: the piano player, the blindfolded man! Too much!!!! Hilarious might help to describe. I hope you'll have more of these great humorous puzzles to post. I'm certainly addicted! THANK YOU so very much! Lorraine

84% !! Lorraine

70% --Coming right along! Lorraine

Well, I'm coming along--62%...Just wish I was better at putting the faces together....the bodies go fairly well with the colors, but so anxious to see the expressions!! :)

I'm already enamored with the lady in the lower left corner!!! and concerned about the piano player who just might break the tiny stool she's sitting on! OH MY!!!
Can't wait to see what is making some 'guffaws', some perplexities!!! :) :)

Oh No!! You did it again! Just found this with all the hilarious people! Can't wait to see and meet all of them! It will take several days for me to complete as Christmas programs are happily taking time, including my 17 yr. old grandaughter who is a ballerina....Just thrilled once again at Handel's Messiah in a local church, community choir.
God is so good all the time...and you are the best with these joyful puzzles. Lorraine

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