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Hello My Dear Sister Mary. Lovely To Hear From You. Yes I Feel Well. I Had A Second Lot Of Tablets & Injections. & My Computer Is Working Again, That Helped In My Recovery. I Agree They Can Be So Aggravating, But We Would Be Lost Without Them. Sometimes I Wonder What I Ever Did Before I Got Mine, But I Was Working & Had My Car & Could Go To The Beach Or Somewhere. I Had LOTS Of Fun Making My Male Box Puzzle, I Do Recieve LOTS Of Comments. Sorry To Hear You Aren't Doing Well. Can The Doctor Give You Something For Your Pain So You Can Get Some Sleep? That Means You Have 10 Days To Wait To See The Doctor, Lets Hope & Pray He Can Help You, Yes By Then You Will Be 84, Only A Young One Compared To You Brother, I Would Love To See Him & His Lovely Wife, You Could Never Bore Me. I Love Reading All You Write. Good To Hear You Are Getting LOTS Of Rain, I Remember Last Year You Weren't Getting Any Rain At All. Lots Of Love, Hugs, Sweet Blessings, I Always Include You In My Prayers. Your Loving Sister Marlene & Kevin. == [[ WOOFS ]] == [[ BOW/WOW ]] TO SWEET SCARLETT O'HARA. MANY THANKS FOR YOUR TRUCKLOAD OF KISSES. HUGS FROM KEVIN. LOTS OF LOVE & EXTRA BIG CUDDLES From Auntie Marlene.


Well, my dear sweet sister Marlene, it seems that you have really recovered nicely with all the work that had to go into this clever puzzle. I read all the comments and have to agree with them. You are obviously very much loved with all the comments you get on all your puzzles. I am glad your computer is working again. Sometimes they're so aggravating, but NOW, look what we would miss.. we have had so much rain for weeks now. We are not only out of the drought, but have surplus. I have not been doing well, sorry to say. The pain kept me up all night and I. Tried to nap to no avail today. I see the doctor onthe 21st and by then I will already be 84! I just can hardly believe it. However, I have a brother who will be 100 in December! And he is in great spirits when I talk to him. He and his beautiful, wonderful wife work Cross word puzzles everyday together, I was about 9 when they married. I will have to put a puzzle on here to show them off. Well, I have rattled on and on long enough, do not want to bore you. I send my love and hugs and Scarlett just yapped to me that I should not forget to send you a truckload of kisses. Also from both of us to Kevin, hugs and kisses. Love, your wanna be sister, Mary


Hello Dear Duke Neville. I Sure Have Been A '' Bizzy Bunny '' & I Had My Thinking Cap On When I Came Up With The Idea, It Wasn't Easy Finding Enough Small Names To Fit On. Nev Is One Of The Names. Something Different. It Was Cold Overnight Here, But Warmed Later. Did Brad, Ahn & Daniel Arrive Home.? I Guess They Will Be Tired. Looking Forward To Seeing Some Photos Of Their Trip. Love & Best Wishes. Princess Marlene & Kevin.


Hello Dear Janet. Good To Hear You Like My Male Box Theme Puzzle. It Took Over A Hour To Place All The Names On The Boxes. It Wasn't Easy Finding Names Small Enough. Something Different. Did You Get Any Sewing Done? Many Thanks For Your Hugs, Lots Of Love & Friendship. It Means So Much To Me. Love & Best Wishes. Princess Marlene X X X X. [[ MEOWS ]] == [[ MEOWS ]] == TO MY 2 HAPPY DARLINGS MIFFIE & MOLLY SORRY YOU HAD NO SUN TO SIT IN, MAYBE TOMORROW == MANY THANKS FOR YOUR HAPPY MUMS HOME MEOWS & PURRS == HEAPS OF FURRY PURRY KISSES & LOADS OF GENTLE HUGS == I LOVE GETTING THEM & I LOVE YOU GIRLS == LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE & EXTRA == EXTRA BIG CUDDLES From Auntie Marlene == Princess Of D.L.Castle.


Marlene that was fabulous. I'm thinking it took you a long time to put all those names onto the boxes too. It made such a funny and clever puzzle. Well done, my friend. I'm pleased to hear that you are well today, I am too, but cold here. No sun for the girls, it's a miserable day. I'm hoping to do some sewing today. Have a wonderful Sunday dear friend. Thanks and hugs and lots of love from your friend Janet xxxxxx

Miffie and Molly send happy meows and purrs, heaps of furry purry kisses and loads of gentle hugs to Auntie Marlene the Princess. ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥


Hello nette10, Always Lovely To Hear From You, I Have Been Told Many Times That I Have A Great Sense Of Humour, It Sure Helps Me Get Through My Day. Love & Best Wishes, Marlene.


Hello Racoonstar, Many Thanks For Stopping By, A Lot Of Names Suit Both Male & Female. I Have A Friend Who Has A Girl Cat Named Kevin. & Then There Is The Johnny Cash Song, '' A BOY NAMED SUE '' Love & Best Wishes. Marlene.


Hello Mecere88, Many Thanks For Stopping By. Good To Hear I Gave You A Good Laugh, We All Need A Good Laugh. Love & Best Wishes, Marlene.


Someone has a keen sense of humor today, this LOL funny Marlene! (◦'ںˉ◦)


Several could be female. Max for Maxine, Sam for Samantha, and I have a female cousin Vicki who prefers to be called Vic.

Thanks for the laugh.

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