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I have seen a number of Dogwood trees here in Oregon each spring. We have a few with white blooms that grow wild in our forest here in the western half of the state. These pink ones are the type that are used to decorate yards. We even have a couple in our yard.
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Doug, I will look forward to the image(s). By the way, we have a dogwood tree that is two toned. The lower half of the tree produces pink blossoms. About a month later, the upper half of the tree produces only white blossoms. It was probably the result of some improper grafting when the tree was young. Terry


Ah! I didn't realise that Terry. Thanks for the additional info. This puzzle has got me thinking about what make another good tree-themed puzzle. I absolutely love the arbutus found on the northwest coast. I'll see if I can find an image or two that showcases them appropriately.


DougBruce, most of the pink ones are hybrids that you get at a nursery. I can't remember seeing any pink one in the wild but that is not to say I haven't. Terry


Gorgeous! There is lots of white dogwood on the B.C. coast, but I don't remember there being pink ones.


WVHill: Connie, I worked in Virginia one April and remember seeing all the wild Dogwood trees back there. Terry


Incredibly beautiful!!! I love Dogwood -- they just don't last long enough in the Spring. :-( I too love the pink but the white are my favorite also. This one is just wonderful in that dark pink. I know you two must really enjoy them in the Spring. I have 2 and one was planted by me about 40 years ago and it seems now to be starting to have some dead limbs and I can hardly stand that. The other dogwood, I have had from a tiny sprig that grew up in my grape vine. I finally got rid of my grape vine (not producing too well and the birds ate the ones that did mature) and then my Dogwood grew and grew and now is my biggest and prettiest one. :-)) Thanks for sharing this one. Gorgeous close-up and fun puzzle.

I love both the pink and white Dogwood, but white is by far, my favorite. I think it's because they grow wild all over the hills of West Virginia. Anything that brings back memories of my childhood, is very special to me. Thanks for posting this beauty. connie

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