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Ask me how much fun did I have yesterday :))

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A Bison, this close, an amazing experience!
Photo taken (from the safety of the car) at the Elk and Bison Prairie in Golden Pond, KY
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Thank you Marina, Bisons are huge, fierce animals, but this one was just plain sleepy :) I’m curious if you have them in Greece . .
Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Easter!


What a great portrait of a whimsical animal. Thanks.


I agree with you! I’ve only traveled thru it a few times, but I enjoyed the scenery :)

Idaho is a multi-varied state.


Good morning Makeitso,
I appreciate your comment! Just a week or so ago I watched the Buffalo round up at Custer State Park (YouTube), it was fascinating and of course now I can’t wait to visit :) Idaho is an amazing state and I’m anxious to travel thru a corner of it on our route. Have a good Sunday!


Tea, thanks for your puzzles. Custer State Park holds a public roundup of the Buffalo every fall, well worth the experience, check out CSP site for details. If you go to CSP do the loop drive in the early morning or late evening - lots more animals out then. I am in Idaho and our Buffalo are all covered with white this time of year. @Teagardener


Thank you :)
I’m glad you liked it !


According to the photos, I think it's great!


Yes I did!
Thank you Sara, I’m happy you worked the puzzle:)


Wow - looks like you had an awesome day. Thanks for the great puzzles.
Cheers from Sara


I’m smiling :) Yes, I spent a few hours the day before concerned about his new SUV, but we read the reviews and no one had recently reported any Bison-car damage . . but we were fine. I spent a relaxing, wonderful afternoon and really can’t wait to do it again!
I’m glad you worked the puzzle, thank you :)


Hi Tea... So glad you had so much fun visiting the Elk and Bison Prairie Pond in KY. Glad you were in your car. They can be mean and come at you if you were not in the car. It is a wild beast after all. Linda


Thanks Ginni :)


What fun!


. . Sylvan Lake, I’ll write it down, thanks Suzy :)


YOU WILL LOVE IT, Tea!!! We have driven the loop road a number of times....and always the bison have greeted us.
Sylvan Lake is a must visit as well.
Very much looking forward to your experiences!


Custer State Park is already on “the list”!
Yesterday the Bison were all around the car and in the road . . but they weren’t interested. All I could hear was their eating noises :)


An amazing experience it is!
On the road through Custer State Park in South Dakota, the bison rarely fail to amaze. They surround the cars and you can hear them breathe (as you hold your breath).
What a day you had!!!!


Well now I’m excited, I’d love to visit where you went to near Branson! I’ll be traveling in that direction in a few months. That’s a sweet story about the new born and having to wait. I noticed yesterday that the road that curved around the meadows, meant nothing to the animals and they took their time crossing it too :) I think the best ‘safari’ drive thru I’ve been on was in Washington state, that was pure fun :) Thanks for your comment and working the puzzle!


. . . Thank you Jillian :) That was 1/2 the fun, being able to be so close!


My wife and I went though one near Branson and had to stop for a mother and baby in the middle of road. Baby was a new born and was still trying to stand up and walk. It looked like it was born in the middle of the road. Mom was very protective and made sure she was between her baby and our car. We had to wait about 15 minutes for her to move to side of road.


That really is close, what an amazing and beautiful animal. Thanks Tea


Thanks Donna, I’m glad you worked the puzzle!
Yes, it was a thrill to be so close. Their eyes are enormous!! He was close enough to pet, but there were signs everywhere warning people that the Bison look tame, but stay 200 feet away if you get out of your car to take pictures and no more than 10 feet from your car. I noticed people were obeying the rules and also moving slow because they were in the road :) I’d do this every week if I lived closer, loved every minute of it :))


Amazing! To be that close to him! Thanks for posting, Tea.


Hello Carl, I’m glad you asked :) I had the best time ever! Golden Pond, KY is in the Land Between the Lakes protected area and . . for 5 dollars a car, you can drive around the route thru the prairie / wooded reserve as many times as you’d like to. It’s also a great place to watch Bald Eagles and other birds :) Thanks for working the puzzle! Have a good Monday . .


I’d like to tell a tall tale and say just how terrifying he was, but this one eventually just closed his eyes and enjoyed standing in the sunshine :) Thanks for working the puzzle!


Thank you Ian, I’m glad you liked him :)


Well how much fun did you have?


Wow! That really was a close encounter Tea! It seems he has an eye on you.

What a handsome animal'

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