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The Frizzle Sisters

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  2. Ianto0:14
  3. agata0:14
  4. jarandle0:14
  5. 2dogs7cats0:14
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Thanks, Dave & Ank. I'm well & smiling.


Hope your well, Sharon!!


{{SMile}}, these are for my big smile:-))) Hugs♥


Wouldn't have thought a warbler would go for a babe like these! You're an eclectic warbler.


Sharon - True, they're looking good, but can they see? That's a joke but I don't think it's working. - sm


Hey Babes...How you adoin'


Looking good there girls!!☺♥


Little cousins, Rebecca, just little ones!


I always wondered if Big Bird had cousins! LOL


Lost too many family members to lung cancer due to smoking. I cringed every time I saw Edie's avatar and was so grateful she made the change for me. Yep, it's all my doing!!! Oh, and I don't think I'll be trying your hair salon. LOL


Ah! It's Ardy's doing.


Talk to Ardy, she hated it. lol


Oops, glendaubie - I didn't scroll down your way far enough. Thanks for checking out the chickens!


Thank you Ardy - if you ever come over to give the Frizzles Salon a try, let me know. I'll be waiting outside for the results.

Lit up the chickens, didn't it, Faye?

Thanks Ibyte - Where there's a dancing cow, can a flapper chicken be far behind?

Ah, Edie - an exotic Frizzle in black! Very nightclubby. Which made me imagine her (the black Frizzle, not your friend) smoking. I miss your avatar-with-cigar.


These are the ones I was talking about Sharon. Aren't they strange. A chicken friend of mine has a single black one that hangs around with her Silkies. Thanks for showing them to us :-))

LOL BrightSky9 You've got us all cackling over this one! Thank you so much & for the link too!


Looks like there were a few exposed light sockets around! LOL ;)))


Real fancy "dos". Glad my hairdresser is more restrained. lol Really interesting, BrightSky. Thanks. (You're just across the Potomac from me) This is one Chronicle fan who enjoyed this very much.

What in the world?!!!!


Quite some time ago, Edie mentioned Frizzles. There's a Frizzles Salon and Spa in Alexandria, VA. I don't go there. If they do work this good, maybe I should.

P.S. I posted this a ways back and then ignored. Thought other Chronicles fans might enjoy.

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