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Raven is worried

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I've been sick all day and Raven has been siiting next to me with a worried face.
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Thank you, beyondwords.πŸ’– Yes, we are both almost better. Of course, according to him, he is still at death's door.

I looked on the computer and found the restaurant had three other complaints against it, so I found out how to report it and did so. They said we had to go to the emergency room and we did. So, now the restauant will be under investigation for the fourth time. I think, from now on, I will look restaurants up BEFORE I eat their food. I'm just glad that my little Raven didn't eat any of that food.

I can tell I am doing better because, today, Raven is running zoomies around me.🐱🐾

Gosh, you and your husband both got it and have been suffering! I hope you both recover quickly.

Where you live. is there a procedure for reporting probable food poisoning? Here we are supposed to phone our local health unit. Their first interest will be how we're doing and what we might need to do for ourselves. Then they'll want to protect others, so may refer the case for investigation or action.

Whatever you do, accept all of Raven's love and attention as you recover.


Thank you, Artola. That's the first time I have had food poisoning and I pray that it will be the last. Horrible! Raven is smarter than me and my husband.πŸ±πŸ’– She is the only one who refused to eat the food. I got up, cleaned the house, paid my bills online, answered my emails, collapsed on the couch in between chores, while my husband lay in bed all day moaning that he was dying. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


Oh, food poisoning is awful! You have my sympathies. Give Raven a pat on the head from Parfait and me. She's a smart kitty. No tummy problems for her. :o))


Thank you, beyondwords. We ordered dinner out and I think I may have had food poisoning. I feel weak and shaky today, but better than I did. That was the first time we ordered from that restaurant and it will be the last. I should have known something was wrong when Raven refused to share my chicken. Normally, she steals chicken right off our plates.

Raven can be very comforting. And how are YOU? I hope you recover quickly.

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