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πŸ‘Ÿ,,,🐾🐍 Into the wilderness 🐍🐾,,,πŸ‘Ÿ

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Chitwan National Park, Nepal

"Bear Bus"
bear mom carries on her back her two cute offspring

This species of bear - Melursus ursinus - inhabits the lowlands of East India and Nepal.
It feeds mainly on ants and termites, and its snout is perfectly adapted to their hunting, as are its long claws. When sucking insects, it emits a sound similar to a vacuum cleaner, which is audible up to a distance of 500 m. It is active especially in the evening and at night, meeting in daylight is relatively rare. It is the only species of bear that carries its cubs on its back. Today a whole nice family came to show us.
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WOW Lunie, when I saw the familiar pink flower, I didn't believe my eyes, it's you! That's amazing, I'm happy and thank you so much for writing to me. I have thought of you both often, I hope you, Didi and your whole nice family are fine and healthy. I send you many cordial greetings in the hope we will see you more often ... wow I am very happy! β™₯:))


Carol, you wrote it very nicely, thank you. I also didn't have Nepal associated with the bears, since now, we both have it the same, they are really cute β™₯:))


Hi Dean! Just a puzzle to say Hi!


When I've thought of Nepal, I never thought "bears"--- but from now on, I'll think of adorable bears making vacuuming noise, with cubs on their backs. Now that's a wonderful image! TY, Deanna.


Robin, it's nice to be able to show you a bear that's not very well known. The way the young are "transported" is truly unique, I've never seen it before. You're right, they're very cute. Thank you for coming to see them β™₯:))


Dear Dasa, I am very pleased with your kind words because I intended to introduce this interesting country. From your comment, I feel I'm doing well. I know some of those photos aren't as attractive as puzzles. Perhaps they have at least some documentary value. Thank you the time which you dedicate to my contributions. I wish you a nice Sunday and look forward to seeing you again β™₯:))


They are so cute! What a fortunate thing to see on your travels. Thanks for introducing us to a new critter! :)))

Dear Deanna, every other series from Nepal is just amazing. This bear family is cute. This kind of bear has been kept secret from me so far, so thank you for your information as well. We have already learned a lot from the trip to Nepal. It's beneficial. I wish you a pleasant evening and, as always, I look forward to our meeting. β™₯β™₯β™₯

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