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03' Honda Goldwing

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  1. bob195711:06
  2. tinman12:27
  3. fed196013:19
  4. vialen13:57
  5. bluejade15:56
  6. opallia16:00
  7. cdsmith17:06
  8. Googly17:27
  9. rg72917:39
  10. caroleemwestlind17:43


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If I could still get my leg over the seat, I'd have another one. Now, it's only a pipe dream. :-((


PatsyNip that weekend was filled with camping, riding, along with trout fishing :)


Thanks, bbandit sounds like you a great touring set up with lots of great memories. Something about riding on 2 wheels that really makes the adventures so much more when you feel it, smell it, along with seeing it :)
I rode 2/3's of the US on my rig, called her Illusion Blue after the name paint color, lots of great memories :)


Great camping set-up. Had a FLH in the 80's. Loaded it with everything we needed for tenting (wish I had a pop-up like yours). My buddy wanted to know how we'd pack a cooler on either of the bikes. I told him NOT! Had to explain we'd buy a Styrofoam cooler when we got to the campground for a $1.00 and give it to another camper when we were done with it. Easy.

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