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1930's Bedroom piece

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In addition to the draws, the 2 outer sections (left and right) swing open and provide hanging space for shirts etc.
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I enjoyed your puzzle Larry! Wow, what a lovely antique :)


Thank you racooonstar!


Beautiful. :)


@jerrys Yes, you are correct. The oval plaque is birds-eye maple, same as on the companion piece.


@LILarry Thanks for posting this companion piece to the side table. The veneering is a masterwork of radiant graining. The oval plaque seems to be birds-eye maple. Can you tell? In any event, this is a treasure. SSSW


Thank you @Mscasper1000 ! I think there may be a few nails, it's difficult to tell.
If you look at the side panels which swing open the scroll work, top and bottom, may be nailed however, the vertical lines going down between the top and bottom scrolls are inlayed and glued, not nailed. I believe the scroll work on the feet may have been nailed as well.

Beautiful piece! Are there any nails? I bet not. When they used to make really decorative furnishings . . . nice.


Thank you Monica! I'm still is awe of it every time I look at it. The symmetry of the grains just amaze me on this piece.


Absolutely gorgeous! Monica ♥

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