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Looking from the Inside Out

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The view from the lounge
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Perfect place to sit Marina


What a good idea to sit by the window and enjoy the view!

What a great idea! That's what true community is all about- helping each other out when things are bad and everyone needs hope and comfort.
The rebuilding looked like such a huge job especially as they were still in the clean up phase nearly two years later!


We did enjoy it Suzy, thanks 😊


Well....this is quite special, Jill.
Thank you.


It’s true many churches were badly damaged. Out on the west side of the city suffered less damage, our own church building (which was only 6 years old) was safe and we held our services in the morning, we let another church come and use it in the afternoon and another one came in evening. It was great we were able to do that for quite some time. @echocage1

You're right about the cruise ships, even without the covid risk.
Actually at Akaroa I'd wanted to abandon ship and get a hire car and meet the ship in Dunedin the next day. There weren't any there and there was a long line when I got to Christchurch so I ditched that idea for another trip.
Although I spent most of the day out at the Antarctic Centre, I did see a bit of the city centre. It was really strange to see so many vacant blocks in a city CBD and even in December 2012 there was a constant stream of trucks taking debris away. Usually when there is a major crisis, even the non religious seek assistance at churches and they were all damaged in Christchurch. I couldn't stop thinking "where would people have gone for help?" 😢


@echocage1it was heartbreaking and I agree with your thought a cruise ship is not really the best way to see NZ.

It was heartbreaking to see the amount of damage in Christchurch, especially the churches. When I go back, it won't be on a cruise ship though.


Dobra I think you may be an active relaxer lol

Ank thank you so much and yes the view is a beauty ❤️


@echocage1 That’s good to know, yes the ships were diverted to Akaroa for quite some time. Some cruises still call in at Akaroa (or at least they will again hopefully this next season, blimmin Covid) Glad you enjoyed it.


Wow, what a view and the house is beautiful too. ♥♥♥


I would also like to rest in such a beautiful place, but not for too long.

You sure picked a pretty place for a holiday!!
In 2012 I was on a cruise that called in at Akaroa as Littleton Harbour was still badly damaged from the earthquake in 2011. It really was a beautiful place and somewhere I'd love to go back to.


Voronica you are right, just sitting gazing was so restful, thanks

Nev a lot less people here 😊


Brian, thanks mate it was lovely


A lovely place to sit and enjoy this stunning view Lady Jillian absolutely wonderful !
Cheers travelling tinker........B

Wow Jill! “To read or watch the view”. That is the question. 😁☺️


Jill, truly, here in Oz you'd pay trillions for a view like that. I'm gobsmacked. ♥♥♥


Truly a great place to read and wonder! Thanks for sharing . . . 🤗


:-) Jerry it is, thanks so much

Close enough to walk Val, glad you like the view, thanks

Janet glad you enjoyed it and yes I do find myself thinking that Janet, have to turn it off in head at times lol

Nev you are right if was just such a lovely view day and night. Thank you


Quite a sensational view, Jill, and no shortage of things to see. ♥♥♥


Oh wow! What a fabulous view. Thanks for sharing Jill. hugs ♥
Since you've been on Jigidi do you find yourself thinking, as you take a photo, "That would make a nice puzzle."


Fabulous view Jill, and not to far from town ☺♥


@JillianB To quote the Wicked Witch...I'm melting!! What a spectacular view! Thanks, Kiwi.


You are right there Team 🐇 we did enjoy it. Thanks for your note.

Jacki I agree, plus every window you looked at had a wonderful view, thank you

😄Petra glad it appealed to you :)

We did Andie and at night it was also beautiful as the lights of the town sparkled on land and sea. Thank you

Janet there was a lovely comfy sofa opposite this window which I lay on to read my book but most of the time gazed outside :)


Could just stretch out on that window seat and look outside


Absolutely breath-taking.What a view ! You must have loved spending a few days there.Thanks for sharing Jill.


sheer envy from my side :O)


WOW! What a fabulous view! Thank you Jill!

Looks really nice. No need for a telly with this view!
Hope you enjoyed your stay!

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