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Lucy surveils the rest of the universe

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This view of Lucy reminds me very much of a cat we lost 8 years ago--River Spirit. I want to reach out and stroke Lucy, but I'll resist disturbing her while she's on watch.

Oh, thank you Ontheroad! I don't know if I can change my profile because I don't think some of it applies anymore. I'm sorry to hear you need antidepressants. Depression is beyond terrible. I hope Jigidi continues to delight you. I find it incredible in so many ways.


zhaba47, sweet Lucy's fur looks like dark-milk-white marbled chocolate mousse. Find me a spoon!


Pardon me for butting in, but I have to say your comment is wonderful, motherofsleep44. Caused me to read your profile; my husband used to work as a sleep study tech. What fun. Jigidi is wonderful! It fills in the gaps my anti-depressant leaves ;-D


: o)

I don't know how to tell you this, mother's name was Lucy, Lucile, actually. Your kitty is way more beautiful and much more amiable than my mother ever was.


Soft as velvet, and she's a cuddler!


Beautiful coat! Makes me want to touch it. :)

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