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Boeing 707

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The company I was working for wanted to get into the jet age , we had DC-6's at the time, 4 propeller driven engine airplanes.
We bought 2 DC -8's with 4 jet engines each.
This particular plane is a Boeing 707. We wanted Douglas DC-8's because they had longer landing gear and the planed could be stretched to make it longer to haul more freight. . The 707 had short gear and couldn't be stretched , the tail would drag on the ground when the plane rotated for take off.
The tail of one of the a DC-8's we bought is just visible by the nose of the 707. This picture must be at least 25 years old.
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Neville , the Air Force used 707's (KC-135's, AF designation) for many years as inflight refuelers. Jim.


Yes Eva , it was a beautiful airplane.

Ano, Eva , to byl krásný letadlo . Jim


Did you call Janet ? I must have missed it. Hugs dear friend. Jim


boston Jack it was so long ago I can't remember , I do know when I retired 8 years ago there were still some operators on Willow Run Airport in Michigan that were using DC-8's for freighters. The company I worked for got rid of them and has 747's. Jim


Florrie , I've heard that sound also not very pleasant. Jim

Jim where we fly? Although the older Boeing 707 aircraft, is beautiful.
Jime kam poletíme? I když je Boeing 707 starší letoun, je krásný.


Good morning my friend, Jim, interesting photo and info. I must have missed you last night. Thanks and hugs, Janet.


I still wonder how something this big manages to fly at all.

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