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Sweetpants1994- Yes, I agree with you on that, my cats are so very smart, sometimes too smart for their own good! LOL

Ardy- Hello dear Ardy, how are you doing these days? LOL I think all cats are like that, you know it's so funny but our Shadow kitty will act all lovey-dovey with my husband and lay on her belly with this look on her face like "pet me daddy" and then 3 seconds into the petting she swats at him like she's saying "o.k. daddy that's enough petting, you can leave me alone now" Go figure, she's so very finicky and temperamental! hahaha I think she just gets over-stimulated and excited and doesn't know how to handle it! Thanks so much for commenting Ardy! Have a great Wed. Big hugs!

Janine- Hi there! I'm the same as you are my friend, my whole life I've had kitties and couldn't even imagine not having one to cuddle with and love! I love holding my kitties up to my ear when I'm holding them and listen to their purring! It's the most beautiful sound in the whole world to me! Many big hugs in return! xxx

I am at my happiest when I have a purring kitty by my side, or in my arms.
Thanks dear Monica. Many hugs to you. Janine :-)))


Cats are smart enough to be really independent. They seem to do what they want to do when they want to do it. If that coincides with their human's wishes well and good. If not, too bad, human. Fun set, Monica. Thank you.


Cats are so smart , mine were anyway, the things they used to do.

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