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  1. Raleks0:22
  2. Dilubreuer0:25
  3. Robbos0:30
  4. Pekaji0:30
  5. lbugrato0:36
  6. Deanna0:36
  7. Grandma520:40
  8. Ianto0:40
  9. Kalizio10:46
  10. tansiokchoo0:47


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Rapeseed and Canola are two different crops; mainly the fatty acid compositions were changed in making canola (through selective breeding).

It is a Rapeseed field in Denmark, Europe.
I stopped by on Saturday on my way to the beach. It's so beautiful a this time of the year.

Thanks for sharing this lovely picture, Sisell. Cece

It used to be called rapeseed but it was changed (perhaps because of the word connotation) to canola (I think in the '70s). I know it grows in Canada in the Prairie Provinces. If one takes a train trip across Canada in the summer, there are fields and fields of it - as well as mustard seed.


Looks like Canola to me, but then, I have no idea where this is grown.

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