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Sandhill cranes

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  1. nosnow_here1:54
  2. slava22:02
  3. tisketsmum2:20
  4. Pekaji2:20
  5. Ianto2:21
  6. Olya2:23
  7. libiohac2:33
  8. Didida3:21
  9. Dunsel3:28
  10. gogogo3:52


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I love to see the sandhill cranes when they wander in my area of Tampa, Florida, from time to time. Don't see them all that often, so it's always a treat!

Thanks for this puzzle featuring your view of sandhill cranes, Olya. :-))


How nice to see this on your drive, Olya. And you're so right about nature and wildlife. Entertaining and wonderful......though if we're talking noisy, Steller's Jays can be amazingly loud and obnoxious in an otherwise calm landscape. Love their colouring, though. ;-))

These cranes mate for life and nurture their young for an entire year (maybe more). We often see a family trio and I am guessing that is what we are seeing here as the females are smaller than the males. So that is what makes me think that it is papa, mama, and son. I could be more certain if I could make out their colouring better………. Sandra


Thank you, Tisketsmum! I love watching wildlife. Nature always lifts the heart and the spirits. And, in case of squirrels and chipmunks trying to eat bird seed from the feeder, a good laugh :)


This is amazing Olya; the one on the left looks to be an adult, but the other two look like youngsters to me. Isn't wildlife wonderful (they existed before the golf courses did :-))


That's so cool, Roseheather! I wonder if that crane still comes to visit the woman!



We have them in our part of MI too, Calhoun County. One woman north of us, by a pond, nursed a Sandhill back to health a number of years ago. She was a retired science teacher living way back in the woods.


Eeeep! I guess it's a good thing that I only see them when I drive by a field a mile away from our house!

We have a winter home on a golf course in Florida and these annoying fellows are my early morning alarm clock. They make a terrible racket just after sunrise right under my bedroom window. And they wreak havoc with the greens as they forage for grubs on the greens.

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