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Rainbow Fractal Low iteration

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45 pieces
189 solves
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  1. krkarnes1:43
  2. rainbow11:52
  3. jaefer1:56
  4. lindaka2:01
  5. javasage2:10
  6. Bididi2:14
  7. mamasuzy2:24
  8. leriger22:25
  9. alli11282:26
  10. SMor2Ditto2:29


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PJ, that makes this whole process much easier to understand! Thanks for the much needed info!


Iteration = repeat (things) in sequence.


Thanks, PJ! I'm so glad you found this to be interesting and fascinating. I need to look up "iteration" because I don't really understand it! .... :-)


Very interesting and fascinating puzzle. After reading the comments I just had to check up "iteration"! JuliaMandelbrot - you have done a most marvelous job of showing how interesting and beautiful "iteration" can be. (otherwise - it may be boring).


Do what?? LOL!! Where did this come from, Ms Einstein? To understand what you are saying, one must understand what an iteration is, which I don't, lol! Actually, what you have said does make sense to me. Now, if only I knew the meaning of "iteration"! I love your new avatar. Perchance, is it a magnificent Jarrah?


Sometimes, many iterations are necessary to reach the point where the bail-out condition is satisfied. But in this case you've done a magnificent job of working with low iterations... If the maximum iteration count is too small, the pixel will be incorrectly colored as an inside pixel because the bail-out point is not reached. You on the other hand have definitely reached the bail-out point.... On the other hand, if the iteration count is too large, which in your case it is not, as its primo perfect.... Many iterations will be performed for the pixels that are inside, and the fractal will be calculated slowly.

Your calculations are spot on, good buddy..... 'L' :) :)


You are very welcome, Pat! I'm glad you found it to be interesting


Very interesting thanks :)))

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