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Slice of Chocolate

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Iced cake I made.
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@Heicel !

Found it... and things got worse..... :O!


@Jaklien Thanks. You are too kind...strictly amateur here.


I recognize your submissions immediately without looking at the sender.
Your baking art is unmatchable.


@dhi Few photos and those that exist have been puzzled previously. Yes, all suffer calorie leak at serving. Fer sher...


I take it that these also are calorie free as is your chocolate cake.


OMG Be Still My Heart! Thanks for the details. Might you have any pictures of these such pastries that you created?


@dhi Fruits en croûte are simply whole non-stone fruits such as pears, apples, figs etc. are cored, spiced and individually baked whole in pastry crust (either plain-wrapped or decorated). I like to serve them in a puddle of soft custard sauce on a plate or shallow bowl. They're somewhat like individual pies.


I remember inviting a friend of mine for Christmas dinner with trepidation as he has been a chef. When I mentioned that to him, he advised that he was looking forward to the company of being with a family for the holidays rather than being on his own and he never analyses what his friends serve him.

He thought my apple pies were 'perfection', and when I told him they were so easy to make he told me something I have never forgotten. All Pastry Chefs are Chefs; but, not all Chefs can be chefs de Pâtisserie. I asked him to explain and he talked about having the magic which cannot be taught, you either you have it, or you don't. After that conversation, I never worried about inviting him for dinner.

So having said all that, I am not familiar with 'fruits en croûte'.


@dhi It's true of all homemade baked goods. How do people not know this?!?!

Besides cakes of many kinds we've introduced the group to various types of pies, tarts, puff pastry delights, Pavlovas, kringle, fruits en croûte, cookies and many other goodies that each leak calories when sliced, cut, cracked or bitten. I don't usually snap photos of the goodies, but a few that I have photographed, I've puzzled over the years.


Calories leak out when the cake is cut, I want that recipe! LOL.


@jerrys, gee, I wonder why?
So what else is in the impressive repertoire, I am pretty sure there are a few, right?


@dhi We are frequently asked to bring desserts to the dinner circle.


@JillianB Thank you, my dear. Have another slice...calories leak when it is cut.


Sounds like a very grand plan and you may be the best dinner guest around!


Oh man, definitely dribbling! Looks so beautiful and so yummy. Gorgeous decorative work. Thanks Jerry


@Brian666 Coming up with a chilled tumbler of milk, Excellency.


Another wonderful yummy creation from King baker Sir Jerry, two slices please ! .....B


@dhi @Isaly2 @eagleboi @MarinaNephele Thanks, all. Any excuse for a two- or three-layered chocolate is always welcome! This was to take to a dinner party.


After all this sight seeing you provide, dear Jerrys, a few chocolate bites are a must.. You are spoiling us with home made iced cake!! Thanks.


And the special occasion would be...a birthday, maybe? 🎂


This would go good with almost any drink and no doubt give us a real pick me up ;-) Thanks Jerry


A slice would go wonderful with my cup of coffee. You did an amazing job on the icing my friend....




@dhi @carolsmc Thanks! Get your glasses of milk chilling for tomorrow's 3-layer slice of goodness.


Very lovely brown on brown and oh, so enticing!


Beautiful icing job, Jerry!

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