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Dearest Texas, hope this one is the greatest of them all and may you have many more Happy Birthdays to come! May God bless you sweety!!! Big hugs!...Monica
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Happy Birthday Texas and a big hug from adriana--holland


Hello dear Ardy, our house projects are coming along nicely, although not quick enough for me! l.o.l. It has been a major job getting everything ready by Christmas but I think we'll manage it! Keeping my fingers and toes all crossed! You are so very sweet to ask, and I thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers dear Ardy! Big hugs in return!


Thank you all for your birthday wishes to Tex, I just hope wherever she is that she is able to see and enjoy her birthday cards soon! Hope all is well with her too! I'm so happy that ya'll liked her card! :-)))


Really missing you Tex.......hope you have a nice birthday wherever you are.


Happy birthday, again, Tex. Hope you are where you can see all your birthday wishes.

Cute card, Monica, Thank you. How are your house projects coming along. It sounds like major work. Will you be able to finish in time? How are things going with you? I think of you often and pray for you daily. Hugs.


Happy birthday Tex! :))))

Great card Monica!


Cute card, Monica!!! ;-)))

I'll add my Happy Birthday wishes, too!!! ;-)


Happy Birthday Texas, you are wanted in Jigidi, we have not seen much of you.

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