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red faberge

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  1. big_joe7:49
  2. viuser8:24
  3. hsfiregirl11:00
  4. Kathleen6311:09
  5. Mams11:28
  6. wisdom11:56
  7. redskinchief13:35
  8. barryandpam13:52
  9. sayman14:15
  10. nrhartman14:24


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I thought it was so cute LOL ;)
I knew that's what happened.

Crumb...sometimes I get lost in mine and the followings of others. Duhhhhhhh


Hi Taz,
Thanks for covering for me while I was away ;)


Glad you enjoyed the puzzle. I've been gone for a few days so just now saw your comment. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Bacowa
I do as well. This is a collection my niece would enjoy.

Tks for commenting.

So intricate and beautiful. Love Faberge Eggs.


Thank you Taz, glad you liked it!

What a beauty, Mams !


Created: Monday, April 10, 2017 3:10 a.m.
For my friends :D

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