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Rotisserie chicken, Colby jack, lettuce, tomato and sour cream on buttered sourdough - pictured with jealous cat

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The last time I had KFC was back in 2005 and it was horrible!!! Haven't had it since. I know they came out with the crispy again that I would like to try. dj


Thank you, my dear friends!
I haven't had KFC in a few decades - are they still just as yummy? Thighs are my favorite.


jealous cat? i'm jealous! i had KFC chicken thigh&coleslaw leftover from Friday just to use it up. saw comments on trucker dog that you weren't feeling well. hope you're better now. i enjoy your puzzles.


This is another sammie that looks fantastic. Yummm! :-)) dj


I don't believe it, you've supplied me with my 2 favourite sandwiches in one night ! Chicken and bacon !Life is good.

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