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Claude Monet - Women in the Garden, 1866 - especially for Donna (Jun17P02)

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In 1866, when Monet was only 26 years old he painted "Women in the Garden" en plein air.

His model, Camille, posed for all the 4 figures in this painting.

This painting was bought by Monet's friend and fellow artist, Frederic Bazille.

2nd of a set of 4 Monet's 1860s paintings posted today. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

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Really a wonderful painting--of course. Hope your doing well, Jason...thought out to you.


Hello Eagleboi,

I love Monet's paintings.

He is one of my favourite artists.

Thank you for stopping by and solving my puzzles.

Take care and keep safe, my friend.


Monet is at the top on my list of favorite artists, his work I find exemplary, beautiful. TFS Jason. ;-)




You are most welcome, Sara.

I am happy that you like this painting and hope that you will find more as you browse through my puzzle pages :-)

And, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you to Jigidiland :-)

Hope to see you soon.

Best regards,


Lovely painting, thank you.


You are welcome, Bubble.

Yes, this painting depicts the costumes of that era. Camille is a lovely lady - Monet's favourite model who later became his wife.

Best regards, Jason.


Beautiful women, dresses and setting for this Monet - Camille looks wonderful. Thanks dear Jason for sharing these works of art. (✿´‿`)


You are welcome, Marina :-)

Glad that you like this painting.

Warm regards, Jason.


I think that this painting was an inspiration to Frederic Bazille to present his own version of family gathering the next year (1867-in Family Reunion). Lovely puzzle. Thank you.


You are welcome, Evelyn :-)

Thank you for your compliment.

I, too, like Monet's paintings.


You are welcome, Lin. I am sure that Monet enjoyed your company.


Felt a need to relax with Monet today, Jason. Lovelier than lovely! Thank you, dear friend♥


Thank you Irena for the invitation.

I have not yet posted kaleidoscopes. I just post my own drawings, colourings and "digital art" @jasonchung2


Good day Jason. Let me invite You to my new profile . If You enjoy to compose kaleido. This is my second address. Irena


Thank you for dropping by, Clive. Glad that you have enjoyed this painting as a puzzle.


Interesting, Clive.


Enjoyed the painting and super puzzle jason thank you.
Judy you can see these dresses worn by our young ladies at their weddings.


Thank you for dropping by, Irena.


Wonderful Jason, Have and nice day.


Wow, Donna, thank you for letting me know the significance this particular painting holds for you and your husband.

I wish both of you a Very Happy 57th Wedding Anniversary and a wonderful trip.

The exhibition will be exciting.

You are most welcome. It is an honour to post this painting as a puzzle for you.

Warm regards, Jason.


Hi Jason, First, I want to say that it was a pleasure to solve all four of your puzzles today of the beautiful Monet paintings. Then, I want to say a heartfelt thank-you for posting my most favorite Monet painting, "Women in the Garden," as a puzzle. My husband and I were both so happy to see this lovely puzzle and to read your comment tonight. We hope to see this painting in the special exhibit featuring Frederic Bazille and the Impressionists at the National Gallery of Art a week or two after we come back from our trip honoring our 57th wedding anniversary.

Thanks again for posting this wonderful painting as a puzzle. It is one of life's little dreams come true. Warm regards, Donna


Not at all practical in today's world. But yes, they were beautiful!


You are most welcome, Bev.


You are welcome, Judy.

We are feeling the heat, too. Can be very hot on certain days, but then it will rain every few days, so that helps to cool the air.

Beautiful dresses but not practical for modern times.


Thank you Jason for this lovely scene, Bev.


If these ladies could see what we wear today....there are no thongs under these skirts.:))
Actually my daughter Wendy, put this puzzle together today. 6-10-17


With our temperatures expected to get to 97F today or higher, I cannot imagine wearing all the layers of clothing outside as these young ladies (or rather just one) did during this time.
Thanks Jason.


Dear Donna, I would like to dedicate this puzzle to you. Hope that you will enjoy it.

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