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Ash and Freya - Freya the lap cat while Ash remains unconscious!

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When Freya wants to sit on my lap, she stands on the arm of the chair and shouts at me till I put the pillow down on my knees... So well trained.
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  1. DeDonder7:54
  2. lindaleigh9:07
  3. Impie9:09
  4. soo9:23
  5. krenov9:25
  6. webpeggy9:28
  7. tisketsmum9:37
  8. pnorg4610:06
  9. nelskinny11:10
  10. Dennie11:31


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Thank you Pammi! Big hugs right back at you!! ♥♥♥


Hi catslave, just dropping by to wish you, Tyr, Miss Freya and Ash a peaceful and very happy Easter. I send big hugs to all of you. ♥♥♥


pretty and cute in the same photo! that makes it sweet!


Pammi, I'm fine, just really tired all the time. Sorry that Eric isn't home yet, I hope you're coping OK. ♥♥♥


Welcome to Friday catslave. Yes, I had missed you over the last few days and hope all is OK with you. We had expected that Eric would have been home before now but he has had a few issues the doctors are trying to sort out. ☻☺☻


Hi Pammi, I'm so please to hear that Eric's doing well! I've not been online for a bit so am just catching up!


Good morning catslave and assorted furry ones. Just want to let you know that Eric's surgery went well and they had him up walking yesterday which is really very good. I am so pleased for him so here's hoping things continue to go so well. ♥♥♥


Ash likes to lie on me in bed too - though he weighs a ton!! ☺☻☺


You're a lucky lady catslave, I wish Tisket would consider having a friend but NO WAY (it was tried but disastrous). She'll sit on my lap voluntarily for about 5 minutes then she's off to one of her beds. However, when I'm in bed she likes to lay on top of me ☺☺☺


Thanks Impie - I'm just lucky Freya is fairly small. Ash on my lap would cut all the blood off from the rest of my legs!! ☺

It is lovely, soo, except when I'm trying to us the latop and she wants to use my lap instead!! ☺

RebeccaB, in Ash's case, I think it was because he wanted some sunbeams on his chin...and that the top of his head was too warm from leaning it on the radiator!! ☺☻☺


I've been thinking about this habit of cats sleeping with their heads almost upside down. I considered that in the wild it might be to keep rain or wind out of their ears - well, at least 1 ear - but since that would also mean they wouldn't hear predators - or prey - as well, that doesn't seem to be the answer. I'll have to keep thinking! (Or Google it!)


LOL Ash looks like he has just spent an hour with Willow ☺☺☺☺
How lovely that Freya wants to sit on your lap catslave. Molly always sat on us and now Milly does ♥


Great photo catslave♥

(Mount)Goofie will often lie like Ash...but I wish he would also be more of a lap cat like your Freya. Lucky you!♥


This is not a new pose for him, peasterberg!!! ☺


Ash looks really crashed out!

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