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Rhodie at its’ PEAK on Easter Sunday 04/04/2021
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  1. mapletree1:44
  2. Teagardener1:48
  3. 4wings51:50
  4. humminbirdlvr1:52
  5. PKGirl1:52
  6. mariolyn1:53
  7. Pekaji2:10
  8. landau3512:13
  9. Sue582:14
  10. toyliko2:16


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@theoaksmargie, I purchased the plant years ago and was told that it was a Rhodie. I assume that is just a locally common name. I don't know what the true name of the plat is. I can say with a degree of confidence that it is NOT and azalea or exbury azalea.

Such a beautiful color. What kind of flower is it ?


Thank you beyondwords, Happy Easter!

Thank you Tea, always a pleasure.

Beautiful rich colours! Your camera and Mother Nature are a good combo. It's still Easter out west. Happy Easter!


It’s very pretty :) Thank you Larry for posting one of your garden jewels!


Hi Tea, I'm happy you like them, and thrilled it chose today to be at its' peak!


Hi Larry, your two puzzles are gorgeous and something to look forward to this evening :)

Glad it is sorted but made me chuckle! Kind regards, Marj


My pleasure tommyo71, thanks for the solve.

Thank you once again Marj. Correction made!

Just read your profile and it is possible there is a problem in your garden. Maybe it should read "perennial" and not "perineal". I am a retired SRN and there is a big difference in the meaning! Hope you are OK. Kind regards, Marj




Thank you Marj!

Beautiful colour, thank you, kind regards, Marj

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