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Cycle Camping

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I miss when I was able to do this, but I miss my ride the most.
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  1. crashnot9:58
  2. kamikazekalle11:14
  3. Philm12:43
  4. redina114:47
  5. Candyman6615:54
  6. Googly16:57
  7. Bubby218:00
  8. neptune19:10
  9. golgotha19:29
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Thanks for the memories bbandit.
As Ann (Abjab) said we travelled and camped on the 750 Virago back in the90s It was a particularly easy bike to ride fully laden. Only last week I came across a photo of myself on dad's Royal Enfield
I was about 6 and my brother on the back at around 4.
77 and still riding a BSA A7.


Hello bbandit, I have just looked up your profile, I should have done this before I wrote back via Ardy.
This picture reminds me of our camping days in France riding a Yamaha Virago 750.
I am passing your site on to Den (Chilliflakes) who I am sure you will have far in common with than myself., as I don't really share his interest in bikes !

I am sure he will now enlighten you as to all his bikes starting at his very first.
Best of luck with that!

Enjoy your memories , you still have loads of time to create more, just be careful and stay safe


I sometimes miss my old rides, but thankful that I had them.


You're so right! :))


One of things that I love about Jigidi - The banter back & forth when you discover all the commonalities you share with so many nice people .


At least you've got the memories and pictures. This reminds me of when we went to Sturgis for the 48th anniversary on my husband's Harley. Good times for sure!


@jaycees : Got a few years on you. Also, a disabled vet (both legs). If I thought I could get my leg over the seat, I own another Harley. My son keeps telling me to get a trike, but it's just not the same for me.

@bbandit This is very similar to me, been riding since I was a young kid and at 75 still on two wheels and camping all over the country. I have spent many years tent camping but now too old to sleep on the ground so I built a pop up camper to pull behind my bike. I am a disabled vet also, and due to Agent Orange I use my money to travel the country back roads pulling my camper. In the winter, I restore antique bikes and sell them. Only work on Yamahas now. I will put up a pic of my bike and camper shortly. My current bike that I pull the trailer with is an '89 Yamaha with almost 100,000 miles on it. I have three other bikes that I use for around town riding, all Yamahas.



My 1975 Honda has both , and now the 4 carbs are balanced , she will start on the kick start 1st time .


@golgotha: First bike was a '63' Pan Head kicker. Last year before they added electric start. Rode it year round. If there was no snow or ice on the road, I rode to work. Gotta admit, after it sat outside overnight in 20 plus weather while I was at work, that oil was stiffer then all 'get-out-and-go' when you had to use that kick starter in the morning.

Sure was nice when I moved up to the '72' in the picture. That 'electric thumb' was great.


Hey bbandit , Golgotha here , noticed the Harley . I `m 74 coming up and have 2 bikes which I ride normally . A 1974 Honda CB550 which was imported from USA in 2018 , thats my oldie , and a 2015 Triumph 80 adventure bike . The bloke I ride with , has a 2012 Harley Fatboy , in pearl white . as wentworth says , DONT stop now .: Dave

bbandit don't stop now!!!!!!!!!


Right behind you, just a 'hop'. Not even a skip or a jump.

what's old age for you? i'm 90.

bbandt:: i made this puzzle because of your comment to my puzzle. thank you. i never did something like this, overnight in a tent.


Of course. It's the only way to go.


Only if mine is electric.


LOL We can have wheelchair races.


I ain't going down without a fight. :-D And I'm older then you.


I think all of us should enjoy waking up each day. My husband's not allowed to die before me because if he does I'll kill him. He spoils me and I cherish each day and each new adventure we have. He's 6 years younger. I feel it's a great privilege to grow old because many individuals don't have that privilege.


Hay, I keep telling myself, if I don't put something off till tomorrow, I wont have anything to do tomorrow. :-))

Also, every time I wake up in the morning, I consider it a gift, and enjoy the day as such.


yeah, I know what it means. Time moves too fast also. I always lived in the future making plans like crazy. I'VE GOTTA STOP or I'll be digging my grave. LOL


I was looking forward to old age but did't think it would get here so fast!!!!


Aren't the memories wonderful. We reminisce all the time about our various adventures and there are a lot. One of our favorite places is camping out of our canoe in Algonquin park in Canada. We'd camp on a small lake and then portage, hike, portage, hike until we got back to our little lake.

I have some structural issues but with hours and hours of therapy I'm pretty functional. I've been in those scooters when I wasn't functional and my husband would warn people that there was a speed demon in the aisles and to watch out. LOL I like to go VROOM, VROOM. I also had trouble getting my leg over the mid rail of my bicycle. It's tough getting old but I just hold up my finger (guess which one) and laugh a lot. I call myself "crazy old lady" and my goal in life is to make people laugh. I do pretty good at that.

I read this quote in a Stephen King book "At least I don't have to worry about dying young".

Thank you for being a vet. We do not treat our vets with the care and respect they truly deserve. You deserve better everything.

Thank you for the conversation.


crashnot; As I keep saying, "Old age is not for sissys. You're a youngster. I have you beat by several years. Fiercely independent though, even though I'm a disabled vet. Couldn't even begin to get around a big box store anymore without a disability scooter. If I thought I could still get my leg over the seat, I'd have another Harley.

Own my own home and although I can't walk behind a mower any more (I have a lawn service) I love (and am still able) to walk behind my snowblower in the winter (live outside Chicago).

Some of my best camping memories are from the 50's when I was a camp counselor and we'd take the oldest kid and disappear into the backwaters of Canada by canoe for a week.

As for the pandemic, I rather be six feet apart then six feet under. Hope all is well with you and all your family as well.


Your tent looks a lot like ours. I know how you miss the things you loved to do. I met my husband skiing. I had to stop skiing when I was in my 40's. I used to bicycle. I can sort of do that but I found it kind of terrifying since my balance isn't what is used to be.
I haven't camped since we bought our property but I think I be may be able to. For a period of time I couldn't get off the ground. This is the funniest home video look. You'd see this big butt coming out of the tent. Then you'd see this person try to get up. My husband would rush over and lift me up. I had a body team including a torturous time with a massage therapist. I'm now able to get off the ground but certainly not remotely graceful. Getting older is mandatory, growing up is optional. I never intend to grow up.

I wanted to spend the final years of my life (I'm 72) in a camp-like environment. We accomplished that here in Maine. Our house is all wheelchair accessible and we have a big bedroom with king-sized bed, loveseat, and table for eating. If we live long enough, and need help, we'll bring someone in to take care of us - hopefully. They get the house with 4 rooms upstairs and we get the bedroom. Only time will tell if we live long enough to need this and if it's a good plan.

I hope your years are also going well. I'm sure you are also anxious to reach the end of this pandemic we are all experiencing. Please take care, stay well and healthy.


Philm, thanks for the link. If this is recent, I envy you.


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