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Word 14.3 Fruits & Nuts 440

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  1. PrairieLily43:12
  2. archie01743:46
  3. dcs46:34
  4. Mansoor47:19
  5. lefty5047:26
  6. nmtighe55:44
  7. cindyskaye55:52
  8. RainyO55:53
  9. ulmabedi1:00:57
  10. vanlil1:02:05


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My husband always says (when he's taking out the compost): "Ah, the woodland creatures: 'tis holy to feed them." Whatevs...


I had a bumper crop one year, almost 2 dozen from one little plant. I tried roasting them, but it was not the taste and texture sensation I had been hoping for. The peanuts went out, a few at a time, to sit on the rock and wait for a squirrel to claim them.


I have no idea what a peanut tree is. Growing up in Florida, I was very familiar with the bushes that you dug out of the ground, to get to the roots that were covered with 'peanuts' (which, of course, are a bean, not a nut) which we then picked off and boiled. I'm sure the 'tree' is a different thing in a different country.

I'm not sure, but I think I spazzed and forgot that I had sorted the lists according to what area of the world the fruits/nuts belonged to. If I did do that, I'm sure I intended to label each size with said area. Oh, well.


There's lots of stuff on this list that I never heard of. I'm a bit confused about "peanut tree". Every once in a while, a squirrel or bluejay plants a peanut and I get a tiny bush until they come and dig it up to get the peanuts out of the ground. Does not resemble a tree in any way except for green leaves.


But, obviously I're welcome and thanks for keeping me on my toes, RainyO!

Coconut twice? Thnx, Jeannie! Just letting you know I wasn't asleep doing this one!

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