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2003 Ford Thunderbird Convertible 1957 Thunderbird Styling rear

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exactly, PUSSLED, thanks.

If it was all rounded off, it would look like it did in the first place, which is why a lot of people didn't think it looked like original 57?


thanks Jack. Guess it takes all kinds... For me it's the fins that makes the car attractive.


.........I've finally gotten to this one.........and after a good long look I would be all the more attracted if the entire fin had been omitted. .....just round off where the fin sits and that all. (I was never into fins).
..........yep........I like this reloaded T-bird ............


Same here too.... Just have a little more to do so don't want to start anything else till this gets finished. Maybe never any more.

Yes, for 80K, you can even buy one restored by Amos Minter in Dallas. They are beautiful. I bought raffle tickets on three T-Birds this year, 2-57s and a 55. Didn't win anything. Guess I'll have to be happy with my 39 Mercury, and two Model A's


thanks PUSSLED, I think this kit cost about $30K. Along with about $50K for the car, that would put this one up to about $80K. A lot of money. You would have to want one real bad.
Right, you could probably buy a real '57 for less.

This is a huge improvement over what they sold, could put some chrome bumpers too. I would still rather have a real 55, 56, or 57.


I'll take my family's 1957.


thanks Jack
This kit does make the new T birds look so much better in retro. You don't see many of them either. I think they are real expensive, like those kits that retro the Corvette's too.


............not bad.........not bad at all............!
............he did a great job..........!