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We looked everywhere

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Luna looked at the right side of the path and I took the left. ☺
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Waf waf woof dear aunties, I have a good nose. The scent is old but I can smell it and we will follow it. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Dog Detectives at work thank you Ank a great title♥♥♥

Good methodical searching, I am sure you will find one. ;-))


What a good idea for both of you to search Bella, one day you just might find them. hugs and wafs.


Happy hunting for your gnomes. I've never found a gnome. I've seen where people have statues of them in their gardens but never any real ones. Good luck.


You may have to call in Scotland Yard!


The Bella/Luna searching team:) Cute!


Remember Robert Louis Stevenson's El Dorado...there joy in seeking is usually better than in reaching the goal. :)))

Lots out there for you to play with.
You will find what you are looking for.


Waf waf woof dear aunties, I feel that we will find them. They walked here, I'm sure. But you are right, they can hide very well and they are afraid for almost everyone. It will take time aunties, but one day, sooner or later I will find them. ☺
Aunties, the only animals I ever saw here are dogs, sheep and birds. So, it's not likely that we will be jumped or that we see rabbits. ☺
Sweet licks ♥♥♥


This looks like a very professional search operation. Keep looking!
Woof woof! ♥♥♥


You're catching up on the news anyway, Bella. Sorry you can't see the gnomes. Thanks, Ank.


Maybe you'll find a rabbit.

Be careful nothing jumps out at either of you.


You are very methodical in your search, but unfortunately gnomes are masters in evading detection Bella! ☺


Bella, I see Luna is helping you look, with all that long grass they could be hiding any where in there. :)


The two of you make me laugh, especially with Ank's humorful comments!

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