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~My Daughter the New Author on a Fantasy Tale~


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I want to read! Maybe she'll be the next Bujold.


@KK20187, Thank-you 'Kate' Our eldest daughter is just like her father & this one here (the Author) is just like me & our last born kid (not goat) , our son is a balance between the 2 of us. We call him 'The Runt of the Litter' & he says that 'He is the Perfect One' ,,,All I know is that we are All crazy, butt we sure have FUN, LOL, mauhahahaha ;)


I look at that face beside your name down there and I know exactly where your child gets her creativity.I cannot look at that picture without laughing and wanting to know this sillychick better.I am glad you are in jigidi. Kate.


@Donnajames, This is the 1st book: The Gifted Sisters & the Golden Mirror & her 2nd one is: The Gifted Sisters & the Sapphire of Truth & her 3rd one will be (she is still writing this one): The Gifted Sisters & the Immortal Blade. They have Magic & Dragons & good guys & bad guys & a lot of kool stuff :) I don't know how she keeps it all straight.


Oooohhh!!!! Can I even speak to you any more!!! The Mother of a real live Author!!!!!

Actually, congratulations to her. I hope it is a smash success. What was the first book called?


Rachel Crist aka my 2nd Born Child is a New Author & is in the process of writing the 3rd Book of this Trilogy. Sold through Amazon.