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  1. elemmo11115:07
  2. Monkito5:35
  3. wrp96:05
  4. pieceofmind6:12
  5. luvsara6:12
  6. Rosie566:28
  7. natz7:03
  8. wiggles7:07
  9. Bondeedee7:36
  10. bluebird427:43


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Mardi Gras streamers playing games with the light. Thanks. Marina


Hi Jacki ... love your impression ... and once again, I see what you see after you tell me what it is that you see :) Glad you enjoyed this. And thanks for the delightful peek into your barefooted strolls: you were very kind to not only help your husband out of the area, but also by joining him in laughing about this!! You surely do have a very, very interesting life:) Cheers, from Natalie ... and congrats for making the Leaderboard once again


Love the way this spiral is constructed in separate multicolored bars. At small size the blue oval with the bright pink eye creates the impression the spiral is a snake curled up for a nap . . .

In the middle of a dark night long, long ago, I was walking barefoot on a grassy path with my husband, also barefoot, about 2 steps behind me. Suddenly I heard a scream and a heavy bulk landed on my back. It was my husband. I carried him piggy-back to the house about 30 steps further on the path. His foot had landed on a sleepy snake, which wriggled out from under. He was new to the area, and it was my home ground. I'd have known what it was, but would have been just as startled and might have let out a yelp as well, had it been me. But I knew there was nothing around bigger than a garter snake. For all he knew, the area was full of rattlesnakes and cobras. Fortunately, we were both able to laugh about it.

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